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TPoX 2.0 released and results published !

An updated version of the TPoX benchmark kit (TPoX 2.0) was released on July 31st, 2009. The enhancements include easier and faster data generation for TB-scale databases.

In August 2009 IBM has published TPoX 2.0 benchmark results. A full report is available on this page:

Posted by MatthiasNicola 2009-09-09

TPoX v1.3 released !

TPoX 1.3 is being released to include new source files that were contributed
to the open source project by the University of Furtwangen to enable TPoX
for Oracle and MS SQL Server. See the release notes for further details.

Posted by MatthiasNicola 2008-12-09

1TB TPoX Benchmark published !

Intel has been running the TPoX benchmark with a raw data volume of 1 TeraByte. The hardware system was powered by their latest 6-core CPUs (Xeon 7400 series). To the best of our knowledge, this is the industry's first public report of a 1TB XML database benchmark.

Details can be found on this page:

Posted by MatthiasNicola 2008-11-08

TPoX 1.2 is available now!

New Features and Enhancements in TPoX 1.2

TPoX Version 1.2 contains the following enhancements over the previous
version (1.1):

(1) The mixed workload, described in workload property file
TPoX/WorkloadDriver/properties/, has been added with
following features:

- XML Schema validation feature is added to statement I2, U2 and U4
- Explicit type casting of some values into xs:decimal in statement U5 and U6
to avoid potential error when validating updated documents agains XML
- Statement U5 now updates only the first account holding position for a
customer. Without specifying the first holding position to update may cause
an XQuery dynamic error since a customer may have multiple holdings... read more

Posted by Kevin Xie 2008-06-13

TPoX 1.1 just got released!

New Features in TPoX 1.1

TPoX Version 1.1 contains the following enhancements over the previous version (1.0):

(1) TPoX 1.1 contains six sub-document level updates (U1 through U6) which supersede
the previous updates that perform full-document replacmeent. The old updates
are still included.

(2) The data generation now also produces XML fragments for "accounts". These are required
by Update2 which inserts new accounts into existing custacc documents.... read more

Posted by Irina Kogan 2007-06-13

The first release of TPoX is now available!

Transaction Processing over XML (TPoX) database benchmark is going public!

The download of the TPoX package and sample data (v1.0) can be found here:

Feedback, questions, suggestions for improvement and active contributions are all welcome. Thanks.

Posted by Irina Kogan 2007-01-18

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