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tpkg 2.3.1 released

Add a "sudo" setting to tpkg.conf. Add -H to sudo command line options. Remove -w from ruby flags in all executables.

Posted by Jason Heiss 2012-04-05

Tpkg 2.3.0 released

Cleaned up all of the query-related command line switches. Added --group switch so that the user can specify groups of servers rather than individual hostnames. Added --skip_remove_stop switch to skip running init scripts on package removal. Added version inequality support on the command line. Tpkg now generally works under cygwin on Windows. Added the path to tar to the output of "tpkg --qenv". Numerous other bug fixes and enhancements.

Posted by Jason Heiss 2011-12-14

tpkg 2.2.4 released

The --force option now covers ignoring failures related to running externals, which allow users to remove or upgrade packages with bad externals data. The profile.d functionality was enhanced. Users will now be warned about non-executable init scripts

Posted by Jason Heiss 2011-04-21

tpkg 2.2.3 released

Permissions on symlinks are now set appropriately. Silence some harmless warnings from the library used to validate the syntax of the tpkg.yml file when making a package. Fix an issue in the client Rakefile introduced in the last release (2.2.2) that led to client packages with an invalid directory structure. The package_toplevel_directory now only reads the necessary first few blocks of the package rather than reading the whole package. That change should speed up operations involving larger packages.

Posted by Jason Heiss 2011-02-21

tpkg 2.2.2 released

This release fixes a number of warnings that were seen when running tpkg under ruby 1.9. Running under 1.9 should now be warning-free.

This release also fixes several issues associated with setting file permissions when installing packages containing symlinks.

Posted by Jason Heiss 2011-02-15

tpkg 2.2.1 released

In this release we've fixed the few syntax issues that previously prevented tpkg from working under ruby 1.9.

Posted by Jason Heiss 2011-02-04

tpkg 2.2.0 released

Add --base and --test-root options to the tpkg client.

Preserve base directory setting when running tpkg via sudo or remotely
by using the --base option rather than "env TPKG_HOME". This ensures
that tpkg is still the command being executed, rather than env. This is
important if sudo rules only allow the user to run tpkg.

Add man pages for cpan2tpkg and gem2tpkg.

Posted by Jason Heiss 2011-01-11

tpkg 2.1.1 released

Fix handling of --use-ssh-key option without an argument (broken in 2.1.0). Fix file path in tpkgpkg rake task.

Posted by Jason Heiss 2011-01-04

tpkg 2.1.0 released

ticket:23 Add "status" as a standard init script option

ticket:25 Preserve TPKG_HOME when deploying to remote systems.

Warn instead of raising an exception if there is no init or crontab
support for the platform. These seem like valid cases where proceeding
with reduced functionality is better than failing.

Posted by Jason Heiss 2010-12-17

tpkg 2.0.1 released

Fixed bug that was resulting in the package filename not being displayed when tpkg --ql was run against a file.

Improve the --no-sudo functionality

Add a --qconf option to display tpkg configuration.

Added external that allows assignment of users to supplemental user groups.

Posted by Jason Heiss 2010-10-22

tpkg 2.0.0 released (23-Aug-2010)

There's only one change in this release, but it's a big one so we bumped the major version number. The default base is now /opt/tpkg instead of /home/t. This is FHS compliant and should be more palatable for new users.

(I posted this in the wrong project initially.)

Posted by Jason Heiss 2010-10-04

tpkg 1.27.4 released (19-Aug-2010)

Minor bug fixes relative to previous 1.27.3 release

(I posted this in the wrong project originally.)

Posted by Jason Heiss 2010-10-04

New release available (1.17.2)

Various bug fixes to the tpkg client.
Added authentication to tpkg server.

Posted by Darren Dao 2010-01-05

New release available (1.17.1)

Various bug fixes to tpkg client and server

Posted by Darren Dao 2010-01-05

tpkg 1.3 released

Huge number of bug fixes in the client, no new features to speak of. Add package upload support to the server.

Posted by Jason Heiss 2009-06-26

tpkg 1.2 released

Using 'gem contents' to figure out the directory where the gem is installed wasn't working with the ruby-oci8 gem (paths returned were relative to that directory), so switch to an alternate approach. This new method isn't particularly any more elegant, so it too may break at some point.

Only call refresh_metadata when needed (which is only in one place), not in Tpkg::init. Loading the native package data takes many seconds on platforms with lots of native packages, which introduces unnecessary and unwelcome delay if that metadata is not needed.... read more

Posted by Jason Heiss 2009-05-06

tpkg 1.1 released

This is the initial public release of tpkg. The client is fully functional, supporting basic packages, encrypted files, init script and cron hooks into the base OS, and automated deployment of packages to many systems.

There is basic server support for viewing which packages are available, where they've been installed, etc. Improving the server is our current development focus, so the next release should have greatly improved server features.

Posted by Jason Heiss 2009-05-05

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