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Tower 1.0-beta9 released

There were two pretty bad fatal bugs and several more lesser bugs in beta 8, so I decided to put out a new beta. Other than fixing these problems, there are no significant changes. Full changelog at

Posted by dhcmrlchtdj 2008-01-09

Tower 1.0-beta8 released

Right now I only have the Webstart version up; packaged version will come soon. This release features improvements to the Tinkerer, Alchemist, and Priest classes, as well as bugfixes and other minor changes. Also, it is the first release to include sound effects. Full changelog at

Posted by dhcmrlchtdj 2008-01-04

Tower 1.0-beta7 released

More creatures, more weapons, level design changes, new commands, and lots of bugfixes. Thanks everyone for the bug reports. Full changelog at

Posted by dhcmrlchtdj 2007-08-06

Tower 1.0-beta6 released

Beta 6 includes a large number of improvements. I am also working on a developers' guide, and on improving the manual.

- UI overhaul
- 'repeat' command (R)
- many shopkeeper fixes
- pits and trenches (and pit traps)
- plants can be watered
- solutions used to water plants can impart effects on fruit
- lockpicks and lockpicking skill
- keys can also lock doors
- vultures, crows
- sacrificial behaviors for scrolls of identify and purify
- improvements to alchemic chimera
- whirlpools
- copses
- external data sources for customization (will describe in dev guide)
- many other minor changes

Posted by dhcmrlchtdj 2007-07-08

Tower 1.0-beta5 released

This beta includes animatronic jackals and snakes for the Tinkerer profession, an improved manual, some new monsters, and various other minor bugfixes. The next beta will be a developer fan-service, as in externalizing the YAML bot, item, and universal resources, as well as supporting external jars.

Posted by dhcmrlchtdj 2007-06-29

Tower 1.0-beta4 released

This release improves the tinkerer class by reducing the complexity of robotics and adding animatronic jackals. It also includes some minor bugfixes around proper modified stat use and grammar.

Posted by dhcmrlchtdj 2007-04-30

Tower 1.0-beta3 released

Beta 3 includes a farming system, robotics building for tinkerers, and many bugfixes and play balance changes. In the next beta, I will focus on alchemists.

Posted by dhcmrlchtdj 2007-03-24

Tower 1.0-beta2 released

This beta fixes a number of keyboard layout incompatibility problems, adds a randomized town, and fixes minor bugs.

Posted by dhcmrlchtdj 2007-02-02

Tower 1.0-beta1 released

A 1.0-beta1 webstart is available from I will commit the source to svn shortly.

Posted by dhcmrlchtdj 2007-01-28

Oh, hello.

I will post the first beta release in the next few days.

Posted by dhcmrlchtdj 2007-01-25