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TouchMe Games 0.2.5 Released!

Added memory to the list of games. This game is under Miscellaneous. Please visit: for any questions or comments about the games.

Posted by Andy Grebe 2009-03-15

TouchMe Games 0.2.4 Released!!

This release includes a new game, FortressCrackers, another Strategy game. In addition to this, quite a few of bugs which were found by users, mostly mafilipp. Check the Changelog for the differences and the screenshots for the new game.

Posted by Andy Grebe 2008-10-18

TouchMe Games for Windows!!

TouchMe Games is now available for Windows!! It contains most of the games that the Linux/Unix releases has, minus a few which will get added later on. Have at it!

Posted by Andy Grebe 2008-05-29

TouchMe Games 0.2.2 release!! - FotoSeek


Install process will now install where you wish.


Added a pause button.


New game. This is where you look for differences between two
images on the left and right. This one will need more images
as there are only 10 or so in there.


Updated graphics.

Posted by Andy Grebe 2008-05-04

TMG Release 0.2.1!!

Added DropZone, a game similar to frozen bubble.

Modified the graphics for VideoPoker.

Added an install file which adds TouchMe Games to the menu for KDE and GNOME under games.

Posted by Andy Grebe 2008-03-18

Release 0.2.0 - Better graphics, installs and less segfaults

FoxyBoxy(Thanks Mike S.) and GorillaThrilla have gotten the updated graphics.

I removed a bunch of segfaults by changing pthreads to gthreads. So you should be able to play longer without any issues.

A few bugs in compile4 and sudoku have been fixed.

TriTowers now has it's cards, where FC6(?) and F7 needed to have the cards.

Overall, it's a more friendlier release which should install on more versions of more distros.

Posted by Andy Grebe 2007-08-07

CVS Now Updated!

Now that there is more than developer, we're going to be using CVS to keep track of the source. The source will compile and run, there may just be some bugs in it.

Posted by Andy Grebe 2007-07-15

Release 0.1.9 - Sudoku update and some graphics updates

Sudoku has better means of selecting which number to use.

Both tritowers and compile4 have been given the updated graphics.

No one requested any new games, so there are no new games this time around.

Posted by Andy Grebe 2007-04-05

Release 0.1.8 - Graphics Upgrade & Sudoku Added

This release has a graphics update. The main and submenus are MUCH nicer. WordHunt has upgraded graphics as well. Over time, all games will have upgraded graphics.

Everyone's got Sudoku, so why not TouchMe Games?

This release also adds a sound library, using ALSA, which will later be utilized to add sounds to games. Current games with sound: flogthedolphin, wordhunt, and sudoku.


Posted by Andy Grebe 2007-01-29

Release 0.1.7a - added GTK+ support!!

This minor release takes care of the gtkfixed widget not having it's own window now. Users of FC5+ will be able to use this version without images moving outside of the fixed areas, like the progress bar and the wheel in secretphrase.

Posted by Andy Grebe 2006-11-22

Release 0.1.7 - Added Consume21!

Added the new game Consume21, a game where you have 5 rows to place numbered mugs in to add up to 21 in each row.

Also added a pause button to FoxyBoxy, a much requested feature.

Posted by Andy Grebe 2006-11-18

0.1.6 TMG Beta release!!

I put in some time to get the seg faults to disappear, so less crashing. A few other minor bug fixes, but now I can get back to working on newer games.

Posted by Andy Grebe 2006-11-04

Release 0.1.5!!

Added secretphrase, a game like Wheel Of Fortune, where you have to guess what the phrase is.
There are 4 categories to select from and three rounds per game. There is a list generator,
if you feel like adding more phrases to the game. Also got new checkers for compile4.

Posted by Andy Grebe 2006-08-06

Release 0.1.4 New Game - FoxyBoxy

Added foxyboxy, a tetris variant, with a new input mode, the keyboard. This game is able to run with a keyboard, mouse or obviously, touchscreen.

Posted by Andy Grebe 2006-07-13

Version 0.1.3 Released!!!

I've added compile4, a connect 4 type game, to the mix. Other than that, I've made a few of the images a little better.

Posted by Andy Grebe 2006-06-30

Version 0.1.2 Released!!!

For this version, no new games were added, but the interface and some more graphics were upgraded. GorillaThrilla has newer, nicer barrels. There is a main menu and sub menus, since all the games didn't fit in the previous single menu. Enjoy!

Posted by Andy Grebe 2006-05-03

Version 0.1.1 Released!!

This version adds the games tritowers and dartcricket.

Posted by Andy Grebe 2006-04-13

Alpha Release 0.1.0 Released!!

Basically the same as the last release, but the games can now be installed individually. I can finally get back to writing new games again!!

Posted by Andy Grebe 2006-03-24

Version 0.0.9 Released!!

Finally have some nicer graphics up there!! Videopoker and threescompany have better interfaces with the addition of the new card deck from LdyHearts. On top of that, I haven't seen a seg fault for a while, which I enjoy. Till next time...tecknophreak

Posted by Andy Grebe 2006-03-21

0.0.8 Released

The 0.0.8 release is basically a few improvements to threescompany and wordhunt, working out some kinks and bugs.
Other than that, all games but the dart games have gotten exit buttons.
The next release should be pretty good, I've got someone working graphics,
so the games will start to look better, starting with threescompany and video poker.

Posted by Andy Grebe 2006-03-09

Three's Company Added!!

Added a new card game, where you must get three in a row or three of a kind to remove cards from the board. There are holding cells at the top for individual cards, and 4 holding cells for the cards to be matched up.

Posted by Andy Grebe 2006-02-23

WordHunt Added!

A word hunt game has been added, aptly named: wordhunt!! This wordhunt allows for both forwards and backwards placement of the words and both horizontal and vertical. Add your own lists to the lists file under the touchmegames/src/wordhunt page.

Posted by Andy Grebe 2006-01-24

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