Can TouchGraph visualize a database?!?

  • MaximumMax

    MaximumMax - 2005-06-15


    I want to visualize my database with its relations and recently found TouchGraph. As far as I can see this software is build for internet pages but are there any solutions to do the same with databases? Or can you recommend me any other software, except of theBrain, please?
    It would be of great help.

    I am not good in Java, so would you please tell me how much of afford it would take if i would want to rebuilt the current TouchGraph

    Thanks a lot!

    • karl wettin

      karl wettin - 2005-06-21

      Yes, it would be very possible indeed. If you are talking about RDBMS, you just have to map the constraints of your relations.

    • Trejkaz

      Trejkaz - 2005-06-23

      The GraphLayout has nothing to do with "internet pages"... you're thinking of LinkBrowser.  Check out all the other demos and you'll see that it's actually quite easy to build whatever graph you want to build. :-/

    • bobruney

      bobruney - 2005-06-23

      Touchgraph uses a specific kind of XML as input. This XML represents your graph.

      You could export your RDBMS schema into XML and then use XSLT to generate the XML documents, Touchgraph wants for visualization purpose.
      Or generate the XMLs confirming to the Touchgraph DTD yourself.

      Touchgraph is not just limited to websites.

    • Giuseppe Platania

      you can read your DB and generate on the fly the code like in my example here:

      the code is done for a PostNuke system, if someone is interested.


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