future -- what functionality to focus on (?)

  • gamato

    gamato - 2006-02-07

    hello there,

    i've just happen to discover TOra which surprised me most. i'm an oracle developer, using toad and whatever other tool there is at the customers. at home i'm using freebsd which is sadly not yet supported by TOra. i might try to port it but i've not that much knowledge yet.

    right now i've just read through the history of TOra (online help) and i'd like to comment on henrik's future vision. i believe that moving your development to more supporting development functionality and developers' needs rather than those of DBAs would be wiser. the reason is that the latter is already covered with java (9i) or web (10g) versions of oracle enterprise manager, while there's no real substitute for TOAD & co. (JDeveloper is only partially useful). so one can quite easily manage oracle using GUIs even on unix platforms but what we miss are good IDEs.
    do you agree?

    with best regards,


    • kaapie

      kaapie - 2006-02-07

      At present Oracle is developing a free tool called RAPTOR. This tool is geared more towards devlopers than the DBA.

      I prefer to have a tool that is opensource that can handle DBA tasks. I would like to see the functionality incorporated into TOra.

    • didier asnar

      didier asnar - 2006-02-10


      Just for joke, i dream about a version easily installable and compilable under linux .... i don't talk about oracle constraints ...

      when you see the 1.3.20 ... a lot of open souce softs are easily installable ...

      i think tora is the tool for the dba ...


      • Francesco Dandrea

        you are surely right...
        1.3.20 was a bad package...
        We are building 1.3.21 to solve the problems..
        The release date should be 22 Feb (it's not written in the stone...)

    • Matthias Wolle

      Matthias Wolle - 2006-02-15

      Some ideas:
      * CVS/Subversion Support
      * bookmarks for faster file access
      * structured directory hierarchie for the source files
      * autosave editor content in session files and restore after segfault


    • kaapie

      kaapie - 2006-02-23

      any updates on release 1.3.21?



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