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Next release of Todbot will be over HG

The old SVN repository is now an archive, and all new source will be pushed to the mercurial repository.

Posted by Disco Stu 2011-05-04

Todbot homepage moved

OK, I finally got around to moving the todbot homepage to the gamestool website where it belongs. Development of Todbot as a gamestool addon will commence as soon as a stable release of gamestool is done... whenever that will be.

Posted by Disco Stu 2011-05-04

Not dead yet

Been quite a while since I last updated this project, and that's because I've been busy making the engine code, know as gamestool, better.

Once that's done, I hope to be able to make the AI a really flexible module that can have any arrangement of input/output nodes as well as training algorithms. This module would then be an object availiable inside the gamestool.

So, cross fingers that I'll get something up sometime soon.... read more

Posted by Disco Stu 2010-11-29

Opening news

Hey, first project on source forge, and my first public news release ever!

So, welcome to todbot, which if you haven't already gathered is a c++ project to create a neural net for a simulated limbed robot.

So far I have commited the simulator which needs to have a few things done and then have the open dynamics engine worked in. Once that's done, I'll need to get a basic ragdoll like robot going before letting an external module begin to playing with it.

Posted by Disco Stu 2009-04-01