#7 Unlimited Procedure Inputs


This request is for, lets say for example, a procedure
that creates a text box with 10 lines available, but
you don't have to have that many lines.

Current code would look like this:
TextBox("Str 1", "Str 2", "Str 3", "", "", "", "", "",
"", "")

The code I want would look like this:
TextBox("Str 1", "Str 2", "Str 3")

But the procedure would except up to 10 inputs.


  • Jacob

    Jacob - 2006-02-14
    • priority: 5 --> 6
  • Danny (nods)

    Danny (nods) - 2006-02-18

    Logged In: YES

    Jacob, please remember that TNT is a 'programming language'. This feature
    request section is for things which can't be done using the existing feature
    set, or could be done better without 'bending the rules' a bit. The type of
    function you are talking about here could be implemented quite easily using
    the current set of calls. Programmers tend to build up a set of routines which
    they use a lot, generally referred to as a toolkit, and this falls into that
    category. Using your example you could pass an array of ten strings and an
    integer which states exactly how many should be used. We already have
    variable length parameters, just look a the polygon calls, so what sort of
    functions should we implement?

    Try to implement it in the current TNT first, if you can't do it then ask in the
    forums. If it still can't be done then please do post here.

    Danny (nods)


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