#107 SerializedTopicMapSource ignoring xml:base

TM4J 0.9.6
Kal Ahmed

When reading an XTM file using
SerializedTopicMapSource, it appears that the value of
an xml:base attribute on the document root element is
not being assigned to the topic map.


  • Kal Ahmed

    Kal Ahmed - 2004-09-27
    • labels: --> Import/Export
    • milestone: --> TM4J 0.9.6
    • assigned_to: nobody --> kal_ahmed
  • Kal Ahmed

    Kal Ahmed - 2004-09-27

    Logged In: YES


    Up to now TM4J has used the xml:base attribute only for
    resolving references to other documents. Same-document
    reference (#foo) and element IDs are resolved against the
    source locator of the topic map file being read. This is (I
    believe) in line with the original position of the ISO
    committee. However, RDF does it a different way and resolves
    RDF:ID attributes and same-document references against the
    xml:base value - and in a lot of ways that makes more sense.

    I've put a query about this in to the ISO working group.

  • Kal Ahmed

    Kal Ahmed - 2004-10-05
    • status: open --> open-postponed
  • Kal Ahmed

    Kal Ahmed - 2004-10-05

    Logged In: YES

    No response from the ISO WG, so I am going to postpone work
    on this bug until after the 0.9.7 release.


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