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TLE-BU Project Website Updated

The TLE-BU website has been completely rebuilt. It is now based on the most excellent Mediawiki platform. There are many, many stubs in place, which I would love help on expanding!

At this point it has a (mostly?) complete list of all known, publicly released (and at least moderately used) file systems and partitions. The vast majority of these are simply stubs, but the foundation is in place to start building something of a central repository of file system information.... read more

Posted by Digimer 2008-03-25

TLE-BU 0.3.051 Server and (Generic) Linux Client Released!

This is a pretty big milestone. TLE-BU has officially added an *optional* client/server component. This new protocol will allow for clients whom are unable to share their data as a traditional shared drive a method of being backed up to a TLE-BU server.

This release changes nothing visible on the user-interface layer. It is entirely an architecture update which lays the foundation for new and features. ... read more

Posted by Digimer 2008-03-25

TLE-BU v0.3.031 Released; Full user account functionality!

This release includes changes to the SQL database and will not work against previous versions of TLE-BU databases. This is a big reason for this release on the heels of the relatively recent 0.3.027 release.

This version is also a big milestone in that user account functionality is now complete. This version will soon be shuttled over the the Mizu-BU project page. From here on, TLE-BU starts to get backup-specific functionality.... read more

Posted by Digimer 2008-02-12

TLE-BU v0.3.027 Released


This release came so soon on the heels of v0.3.022 because, well, 022 kinda *didn't work*. :)

This version does, and I have learned to test my releases better. *sigh*


Posted by Digimer 2008-02-05

TLE-BU v0.3.022 released!


This release is designed for programmers and the curious. It *works*, it just provides minimal capabilities.

This release allows you to install and play with TLE-BU as it is so far. If you want to play along, you can install this version and then update it's program files from subversion checkouts as the program advances.

This file releases will only be replaced when enough of the program changes that the program files in subversion will no longer run against this release. ... read more

Posted by Digimer 2008-02-01

v0.3.* milestone reached!

TLE-BU is now to the point where you can log in and out. I know, I know, it's hard to contain your excitement.




This is a major achievement though. It means that the underlying architecture is FINISHED! Well, the very first version is, anyway. I am certain there are a million problems. I need to port the current code base back over to Mizu-BU to bring it up to speed before starting the "real" backup code, at which point TLE-BU and Mizu-BU will finally diverge in purpose.... read more

Posted by Digimer 2008-01-23

Subversion to replace CVS for TLE-BU v0.3+

TLE-BU development will now be managed using the SourceForge Subversion repository system, instead of their CVS system. The old CVS repos have been disabled and the initial checkin (import) of data has been completed.


Posted by Digimer 2008-01-10

All pre-0.3 releases removed

One of the biggest reasons for restarting this project from scratch was because of a fundamental design flaw where all old version would fail to backup, or even record information on, devices with files containing characters not understood by the host system's locale.

The new version of TLE-BU has already addressed this issue.

To prevent people from using the older version(s) of TLE-BU with a potential false sense of security, they have been removed. As of now, there are no releases of TLE-BU ready for use, even in a beta stage.... read more

Posted by Digimer 2008-01-10

TLE-BU; v0.3 Devel announced!

TLE-BU has been (publicly) inactive for some time, but development has proceeded behind the scenes. The v0.2 release was deemed to not be releasable by Digimer and was scraped. An entirely new underlying architecture has been build and the next version of TLE-BU has been announced.

The v0.3.* development branch introduces many long-promised features such as:
- Full UTF-8 support across the board to support foreign character sets.
- Proper on-the-fly translation support via simple XML 'word' files.
- Dedicated internal web and SQL servers! No more need to have external SQL servers like MySQL or PostgreSQL as dependancies!
- Much improved security infrastructure and session tracking.
- Much improved error handling and stability.
- Completely customizable and skinable via a skins system and flexible templating.... read more

Posted by Digimer 2008-01-10

TLE-BU v0.2 RC4.2 Released; Ubuntu now supported

This adds support for Ubuntu Linux and fixes support for MySQL 4.0. This includes a few smaller bug fixes as well, but nothing big.


Posted by Madison Kelly 2005-12-29

TLE-BU v0.2 RC4.1 release; critical update

On Dec. 20 a couple of installs started failing during backup jobs saying that the directory data will be copied to failed to be created despite the fact that it was.

This is caused by the 'setuid' calling 'mkdir /path/to/new/dir -p' (create parents as needed). The specified directory gets proper permissions but any parent directories created automatically are set to permission '0750'. This does not happen when called manualy from the command line so it must be linked to the setuid C-wrapper but I am not sure why.... read more

Posted by Madison Kelly 2005-12-24

TLE-BU now supports MySQL

Release v0.2 RC4.0 adds support for MySQL as an optional alternative to PostgreSQL! This is a pretty major update that has been over a month in the making.


Posted by Madison Kelly 2005-12-21

TLE-BU now installs on CentOS 4.2!

The title pretty much says it all. The latest release (v0.2 rc3.4) also has a couple small bug fixes.


Posted by Madison Kelly 2005-10-26

TLE-BU now supports Mandriva 2006!

The latest file release (v0.2 RC3.3) adds full support for Mandriva 2006.


Posted by Madison Kelly 2005-10-21

TLE-BU now installs on SUSE 9.3

The latest file release (v0.2 RC3.2) adds support for SUSE 9.3! This adds to existing support for Debian (on a 2.6 kernel) and Fedora Core 2+.

I will work on adding Mandriva support next. Anyone who can test the installer on different versions of SUSE, please let me know your success. Thank you!


Posted by Madison Kelly 2005-10-17

Mailing lists activated

I have setup two mailing lists for those prefer traditional mailing lists over bulletin board style message forums. They are both available off the main TLE-BU Source Forge page.

The first is "TLE-BU-announce" where file releases and other important news items will be posted. The second is "TLE-BU-general" which is a general purpose support, request, bug and other TLE-BU discussion list. Any help getting the ball rolling on these lists would be greatly appreciated.... read more

Posted by Madison Kelly 2005-10-04

Piping backup working!

Today I got a chance (finally!) to test how TLE-BU would behave shuttling data from one remote server onto another remote server. In short, it ran exactly as I expected. The test setup was an SMB share on a Win2k Server assigned as source and an NFS share on a remote Debian system assigned as a destination partition.

TLE-BU treated both mounts no different than it would local and successfully backued up the data on the Windows 2000 server to the Debian machine. It's so nice when things work as you expect!... read more

Posted by Madison Kelly 2005-10-04

NFS and SMB (Samba) support added

TLE-BU v0.2 RC2.4 will now properly recognise NFS and SMB mounted partitions in the partition manager. It will backup data from SMB shares and it will allow backing up from and saving data to NFS shares.


Posted by Madison Kelly 2005-10-03

v0.2_rc2.0 Release

This is a minor update over RC1.x that fixes a bug in the sanity checker that died checking the permissions on the '/etc/tle-bu.conf' configuration file. I also got to play with an old drive with a Macintosh HFS filesystem so I updated the program setting it to be a source partition only (it doesn't support saving Unix-style permissions).


Posted by Madison Kelly 2005-09-30

V0.2_rc1 released, TLE-BU now 'beta'!

You can get the details over on the forum ( -> forum). A big step for TLE-BU!

Posted by Madison Kelly 2005-09-28

Forum on the new websites works now (really this time!)

I have finished today getting the forum working on the new '' website. Most news will now be posted there.


Posted by Madison Kelly 2005-08-04

New file release, new web page

TLE-BU has a new webpage:

There is also a new file release up (2005-08-02_01) which has some major performance improvements and many bug fixes. I still need to fix one section, the internal restore function, to use the new methods that gave the performance improvements which will be finished for the next file release.

The forum on the new page isn't working yet but I will be back on high speed this week and I will try to fix it then.... read more

Posted by Madison Kelly 2005-08-02

TLE-BU stable and backing up data reliably

Well, as reliably as 'alpha' stage software can get that is. :) I now feel a lot more comfortable telling people that they can download and test TLE-BU. There is a lot of work to be done still and I am sure there are plenty of bugs lurking and oodles of performance and usability enhancements needing doing but but the core of the program is much more stable and reliable than ever before.

Most of what still needs to be done is to finish the restore module (currently data can be easily restored manually), finish converting static dialog to dynamic so that is can be easily translated through the now-working internal editor and plenty of code and user interface cleanup.... read more

Posted by Madison Kelly 2005-05-21

Renamed file

I have renamed the '' file to '' to help prevent confusion with 'cron'. This should also prevent later shell typos, too. As an update, I am really close to releaseing the first official beta!!


Posted by Madison Kelly 2005-03-21

Last working version pulled

Until now I left the Oct. 4th, '04 release up for download because it was the last version that worked before I began the complete re-write. I have now pulled it down though because the new version, though not fully functional, is very close to working and so much better that the old version was no longer a fair representation of what TLE-BU has become.

Development continues daily and I am now hoping for a beta release by the end of February.... read more

Posted by Madison Kelly 2005-01-26

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