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tkinspect 5.1.6p10 released

This release rolls up some bug fixes and also provides a pre-build starkit version.

Posted by Pat Thoyts 2003-06-23

tkinspect 5.1.6p9 released

TkCon is an enhanced interactive console for developing in Tcl. tkinspect is an inspector for Tk applications. It uses Tk's send command to retrieve information from other Tk applications about the state of the Tcl environment.
This release includes fixes for inspecting array variables and for tracing variables when using a communications channel other than send. Trace now works with 'comm' or 'dde'.

Posted by Pat Thoyts 2002-10-10

tkinspect 5.1.6p8 released

Three versions of this release are available. A gziped tar file, a zip archive and a scripted document for use with tclkit.

p8 includes two new views for namespaces and after timers, a number of bug fixes and support for the experimental winsend package.

Posted by Pat Thoyts 2002-04-04

tkinspect 5.1.6p7 release

This adds support for a 'send' command using DDE under Windows operating systems.
A number of bugs have been tidied up. More to come later.

Posted by Pat Thoyts 2002-03-22

tkinspect 5.1.6p6 release

This release merges the tkinspect 5.1.6 code (that is the last public release of this program) and three commonly used patches that have been around for some years to give Tcl 8 support, incr Tcl 3.2 support and support for use on systems without the Tk 'send' command via the use of the tcllib 'comm' package.

Currently the CVS respository from which this release has been built is in the process of being added the the tkcon project at SourceForge and we can expect tighter integration between tkcon and tkinspect in the future.... read more

Posted by Pat Thoyts 2002-03-15

tkcon 2.3 release

New enhanced console release with minor enhancements. See Release Notes for details.

Posted by Jeffrey Hobbs 2002-01-24

tkcon 2.2 release

New release with minor modifications, but key if you embed tkcon in another application.

Posted by Jeffrey Hobbs 2001-06-21

tkcon 2.1 release

Finally made an official 2.1 release. Check out the tkcon home page for all the details.

Posted by Jeffrey Hobbs 2001-05-04

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