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Kalaha 1.1 released!

New version of Kalaha available!

Posted by Joe 2016-12-15

Kalaha 1.0 released!

New game Kalaha available!

Posted by Joe 2016-08-23

Pawn Chess 1.0 released!

New game Pawn Chess available!

Posted by Joe 2016-08-03

Tiger Game Pack 1.4 released

Includes some bugfixes, features (e.g. check against new version available) and games.

Posted by Joe 2015-09-20

Hot Dice 1.0

New Game "Hot Dice"!

Posted by Joe 2009-08-09

Hosn owe 1.1

The new release of the game has some bugfixes.

Posted by Joe 2009-07-30

Hunt for the Crown 1.0

Final release 1.0 of the game Hunt for the Crown has an improved computer opponent and additional game material.

Posted by hagru 2009-07-18

Hosn owe 1.0

The new release of the game has some features (e.g. option for card sorting).

Posted by Joe 2009-07-16

The Tricky Squirrel 1.06

The new release of the game has new rule variants where it's possible to see three of the cards that have been put back at the beginning.

Posted by hagru 2009-01-09

Hunt for the Crown 0.20

The new release of the game has an improved computer player.

Posted by hagru 2008-04-06

FourWins 1.04

The new release solves problems that have occured when playing over the network.

Posted by hagru 2008-04-04

Hunt for the Crown 0.12

First release of the new game with a computer opponent that is still poor.

Posted by hagru 2008-03-24

Hosn owe 0.10

A first release of "Hosn owe" (aka Schwimmen, Schnauz, Thirty One) is available now.

Posted by hagru 2008-01-15

The Tricky Squirrel 1.04

The new release has small changes at some text.

Posted by hagru 2007-06-03

Caught! 0.11

Fixed problem fix rebuilding the move-card stack.

Posted by Joe 2007-03-18

Caught! 0.10

The first tjger game of Josef Jordan, Caught!, is available now.

Posted by hagru 2007-03-16

The Tricky Squirel 1.02

Final release of "The Tricky Squirrel" with some litte bugfixes and improvements.

Posted by hagru 2006-12-24

Schnapsen 1.0 Final

Final release of the card game Schnapsen with additional graphics and hopefully all bugs fixed.

Posted by hagru 2006-11-18

Release 0.42 of the framework

New release 0.42 of the framework and also of the game "Eye of the tjger". One main change was adding a debug function for recording a complete game and debugging it afterwards.

Posted by hagru 2006-11-18

New release of Schnapsen

Release 0.24 has a medium and a hard computer opponent and several other improvements.

Posted by hagru 2006-11-01

First release of Schnapsen

A first release of the Austrian card game Schnapsen is published. It still has only a simple computer opponent. Further releases shall get stronger opponents, too.

Posted by hagru 2006-10-07

New project "HGBase"

The sources of HGBase, the underlying library of tjger, are now available at a new sourceforge-project "HGBase" to seperate this library from the game framework. Due the sources of HGBase are removed from this project.

Posted by hagru 2006-09-11

Release 0.40 of the Framework

Release 0.40 has an technical documentation written in English. Some small errors were corrected. Is thought to be the final release for the next time.

Posted by hagru 2006-08-25

Trap the Wizard 1.0 Final

Final release 1.0 of "Trap the Wizard" is now available.

The computer player was improved a litte bit and the modern graphic was updated to distinguish the wizards better.

Posted by hagru 2006-08-17

Translation of the technical documentation for tjger

The technical documentation that is only available in German until now is translated into English at the moment. I'm going to finish this in the next one or two weeks and make release 0.40 for the tjger framework.

Posted by hagru 2006-08-10

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