Query while using TinyXML

  • Nishank

    Nishank - 2010-03-18

    Hey Lee,
    I am Nishank and I am working on a small project which includes storing an XML file into a database So I was researching for C++ libraries to be used and I found TinyXML and I found it easy to understand and use.I have a small query though. The tricky part is the doc.LoadFile or SaveFile for that matter takes a file name as an argument but when i query the database I get a char* which has the XML data .so how do I load the file? any pointers would be really helpful


  • Lee Thomason

    Lee Thomason - 2010-03-21

    TiXmlDocument doc;
    doc.Parse( str );

    Where 'str' is your char*


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