CVS down / switching to SVN

  • Lee Thomason

    Lee Thomason - 2011-01-31

    CVS is down because of the attack on SourceForge. I'll probably give it to the end of week or so to see if it comes back up. Either way, I'll be moving source control to SVN. The question is whether the existing history will go with it. At that point, I'll apply the patches that make sense for the goals of the code, check in some bug fixes, and push a new version.

  • Lee Thomason

    Lee Thomason - 2011-05-14

    Months later…good news, CVS is back up. Bad news, haven't switched to SVN. I think it's better to spend what little time I have on this fixing a few bugs and releasing a new version. Moving to SVN/git will stay on the "todo" list.

  • Ma Anguo

    Ma Anguo - 2011-05-15

    If you could eventually use git, that would be wonderful.
    Meanwhile, thank you for the recent bug fixes and the new point release.



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