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Chunking works, ostensibly

Chunking and justifications now work on the trunk, as far as I can tell. Unfortunately, the code is now too big to fit on the RCX. The goal is to fix that before releasing 0.4.

Posted by Chris Waterson 2002-10-15

Changed ^output-link semantics for motors

The values recognized to control the motors on the ^output-link are now `forward', `reverse', `brake', and `off', instead of an integral value. The integral value didn't make much sense since the motor is either `on' or `off' -- there is now `slow' or `fast'. Also, this allows you to brake (or lock) the motor, as well as turn it off so that it `freewheels'.

Posted by Chris Waterson 2002-02-13

Soar8 Operator Reconsider Semantics

I've fixed a couple of bugs, and it now appears that TinySoar is basically implementing Soar8 operator reconsider semantics correctly (i.e., no need for explicit reconsider preference to terminate the operator). See tests/wait2.soar and tests/flip-flop.soar. Let me know if I've goofed!

Posted by Chris Waterson 2002-01-25

Fixed problems with signed integer constants

There were several problems with signed integer constants: first off, the lexer wouldn't recognize them; secondly, even if it did, they'd be represented wrong internally. That should be fixed now on the trunk.

Posted by Chris Waterson 2002-01-10