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Version 2.2 (Delphi) releaded

TinyHTML Editor version 2.2 for Windows has been released today 17/9/2003. You can now localize the program. Italian localization is available.

Posted by Stefano Franzato 2003-09-17

Tiny HTML Editor Web Page

At last I managed tpo have my little web page for Tiny HTML Editor on SourceForgeNet: I am proud of it. You know, as a programmer, I am not a professional, but only a hobbyist so, hgavig got a web page for my tiny project is simply fantastic to me. In this web page you can read about my program versions. Enjoy it!

Posted by Stefano Franzato 2003-09-05

Tiny HTML Editor

Tiny HTML Edtor is a HTML Editor which has the aim to be comfortable i.e. It means to allow the user to have all the most often used HTML tags at a mouseclick. It has been realised with Borland Kylix 3 O.E. in a Linux Mandrake 9.0 environment. SynEdit Components have been used. Most likely it will be improved and a Window version will be available Hoe soon these things will happen cannot be said for the time being. Anyway...stay tuned!!!

Posted by Stefano Franzato 2003-08-21