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New release (by Matt Payne)

See the home page to download it.
A formal release will soon be placed in the Files area as well.

Posted by Walter Stroebel 2003-07-29

New release 0.0.4

Under some (unknown) circumstances the preview becomes a blurred, grayish field. This was due to using PNG as the image format for the preview. Switching to JPG solved the problem.

Note that due to the JPG compression there may still be some blurring. If you do not have a problem with the PNG format, you can keep using it through a toggle option in the File menu.

Posted by Walter Stroebel 2003-03-14

New release 0.0.3

Fixed a cut/copy/paste bug.
The "java -jar tintfu(version).jar" style execution now works.

Posted by Walter Stroebel 2002-12-09

New release 0.0.2

Now features an Edge List Editor.

Posted by Walter Stroebel 2002-12-08

First beta version 0.0.1 released

This beta version is functional but does not yet contain all features I have planned. Still, it is already pretty powerful as is.

Posted by Walter Stroebel 2002-12-04