#3 Add fractional settings of the timescale (0.xxx) per tick


In the current world the duration of the clock may be rather short. This means that the "duration per tick" may be less than 1. For example, 800MHz clock with 10 ticks per clock would require 125ps (or 0.125ns) setting of time per tick. Current version can only have integer numbers, with 1ns smallest. It will be much more convenient to specify the units (ps, ns, us, ms, etc) and duration per tick (0-1000) separately. For instance, 0.125ns will set the clock for 800MHz, 1.25ns will set the clock to 80MHz, etc.
Alternatively, clock setting in MHz, KHz and Hz could be another option, but again, it would be nice to have fractional numbers.


  • danselmi

    danselmi - 2010-08-17

    It is possible to set the length of a tick to an integer number and the unit to ns, ps or fs. So for your example (800 MHz and 10 ticks/clock-cycle) you should set a tick to 125ps.

  • danselmi

    danselmi - 2010-08-17
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    • status: open --> closed

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