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Timepiece / News: Recent posts

Timepiece updated with Bug Fix

Timepiece has been updated with a fix of the bug #1 which saw the Countdown Timer skip a minute from 01:00:00 to 00:58:59.

Posted by Geoffrey Van Wyk 2012-04-07

Update to Timepiece Beta 2

In the updated version Timepiece, with the Alarm Clock, the snooze time is now added to the current time minutes, instead of to the alarm minutes.

Thanks for downloading and enjoy!

The Timepiece Team

Posted by Geoffrey Van Wyk 2010-07-25

Timepiece 2 Beta 1 is Code Complete!

Timepiece has entered the beta phase during which it will be tested by users. The beta phase will last for approximately 1 month.

The user interface has slightly been changed. The buttons of each of the three components (stopwatch, countdown timer, and alarm clock) are now in colored panels which are left-aligned.

The Help Files have also been improved.

Thanks for downloading and enjoy!

The Timepiece Team.

Posted by Geoffrey Van Wyk 2010-07-23

Status of the Timepiece Project

Timepiece is currently in the Alpha-phase of development, which means it is still being tested by the developers. All the features are available, but might not work perfectly.

As of today, the code for Timepiece is 99% complete. The help files are now being updated and are 45% complete.

The Beta version of Timepiece will be ready for download this coming week. The Beta phase of the project is when the application will be tested by users.... read more

Posted by Geoffrey Van Wyk 2010-07-11