kitkats - 2010-07-02

There are so many time tracking applications out there…I'm on a mac, wanting something free, and tried using Timetrek and Klok but both had issues.  TimeEdition is working for me so far.

The thing I'd love to see at the moment is some indication of status when the application is hidden - either by colour-coding the icon in the dock to red when recording, or better still by having a menulet that simply displays whether recording or not, and maybe has a pause/play function.  I find that I sometimes forget to hit record or stop and a little bit of green or red in the corner of my screen would help that.

It's also a bit annoying having to stop recording to access records or preferences.  And the fact that it opens iCal - would be better if it could add the event without opening the application.

Thanks for all the work on it.