#38 Hours worked / approval


We are going to use this application for our internal portal website. We are a service shop and would like the hours worked report to calculate each in/out sessions time in the hours worked column. We are a service shop, so we need to see how much time is spent on each job a tech punches in/out on. I'm assuming it's a matter of making the calculation and putting the total in the column on the right. I'm just learning PHP...any help would be GREATLY appreciated. We would also like to see either the ability to edit users notes in the add/edit/delete time page or a radio button next to each entry that would be "yes or no". This would be used for managers to either add "approved" to the users notes or the radio button would be for them to select yes or no for approval. Hopefully these are feasible. If these take some work, we'd be willing to pay some time to get it done. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.



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