#13 Incorrect tile number when exporting maps


If I create a set of tiles, then create a new map using
those tiles, when I come to export the map (as a C
file, BlitzBasic file, etc using the 'Generate Code'
option) the wrong tilenumbers are put into the
resulting output file...

For example:

Create a new project with four tiles and one map.
Put the tiles on the map in the order 3,2,4,1 (anything
that isn't 1,2,3,4)
Generate some code and look at it

No matter what order you put the tiles in, the code
always shows '1,2,3,4'.

Oddly enough, if I export the map as raw data using
Map->Export Map, the correct tile numbers are used. It
seems the TileNumber variable in the .tsd files is just
calling the first tile on the map '1', the second '2'
and so on instead of putting the correct tile number in.

This is with TileStudio 2.42 under Windows 2000, with a
brand new project, exporting data using one of the
sample .tsd files included (doesn't matter which, the
same thing happens with them all).



  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Yep I too thought this was a bug. But it isn't. Tile Studio only
    reorganizes your tiles according to their usage in the map -
    #1 is the first tile used, #2 the second etc.

    If you add
    #tilebitmap tiles\\<TileSetIdentifier>.bmp 100
    #end tilebitmap

    inside your #file statement, you'll get the correct tilemap for
    your map.
    Other thing is whether you like your tileset reorganized :-)

    paveld at nostromo dot cz

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    And a little workaround: create a special map as the very
    first map. Make it look like your tileset image (paste all
    your tiles left-to-right, top-down in the order they appear
    in your tileset), Tile Studio will leave your tile order as
    it was imported.

    Well, it worked for me :-)

    paveld at nostromo dot cz

  • Mike Wiering

    Mike Wiering - 2004-02-21

    Logged In: YES

    Tile Studio normally generates a complete new tile set based
    on the tiles and tile combinations you use in your map(s).

    If you want to use the exact tile set as you designed it, use
    #tstile instead of #tile in your .tsd file.

  • Mike Wiering

    Mike Wiering - 2005-02-09
    • priority: 5 --> 1
    • status: open --> open-invalid

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