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Tilda 0.9.5

Just released! New features and bug fixes, check it out.

Posted by Tristan Sloughter 2007-12-13

Tilda 0.9.4

New release! Finally. Check the Changelog or website for details.

Posted by Tristan Sloughter 2006-11-30


New release finally! Lots of small fixes, some bug fixes, added perentages for height/width, ctrl-# for switching tabs and ctrl-shift-w for closing a tab. Check the Changlog for complete details.

Posted by Tristan Sloughter 2006-06-29


This release includes many small bug fixes plus: a new configure backend (you'll need to either use the python script to convert your old config files or delete them and make them again), increase use of glib (glib 2.8 or greater is needed), no more blinking of the screen when hitting backspace, delete or tab multiple times, sliding action is added, and shortcuts for addings tabs and moving to the next and prev tab.

Posted by Tristan Sloughter 2006-01-23


Got this release out quickly to deal with 2 bugs and hopefully get this in for Breezy Badger. This release fixing the problem of Tilda taking up 100% of the cpu when started hidden and the occasion when a tab will take the wrong title.

Posted by Tristan Sloughter 2005-10-04


Its finally here! Dynamic tab titles, loads of new preferences, loads of bug fixes. Should grab focus on new tab and maybe even bull down now. Let me know what you think.


Posted by Tristan Sloughter 2005-10-04


This is a minor release which removes compiler warning given when compiling with gcc4, fixes the scrollbar not showing up on new tabs problem. Now all tabs have the same preferences, even when you change preferences of one while tilda is running. Plus other minor bug fixes and code cleanups.

Posted by Tristan Sloughter 2005-08-18

Mandriva Linux RPM

Thanks to MandrivaClub.NL for a Tilda .08 rpm, you can find it with the rest of the Files.

Posted by Tristan Sloughter 2005-08-10

Tilda 0.08

Added tabs, fixed gthread bug, maybe fixed focus problem, fixed gnu-screen problem and on and on and on.

Posted by Tristan Sloughter 2005-07-31


New Tilda is out. No more need for xbindkeys!! Tilda handles the keybindings itself. Also added a right click menu so preferences can be changed while tilda is running, well everything but the key binding that you have to restart for. And sorry but no more 'tilda -T $TILDA_NUM', 'tilda -T' does nothing now.

Posted by Tristan Sloughter 2005-06-15


.06 just came out after 3 months of waiting and one night of work, haha. A lot of bugs have been fixed and a great new configuration wizard has been added.

Posted by Tristan Sloughter 2005-05-24


MInor Bug Fix: Removed a defunct "ls" processes

Posted by Tristan Sloughter 2005-03-25


Released .05!! Added environmental variable $TILDA_NUM, which will be set to the current tilda num. This way you can alias exit to "tilda -T $TILDA_NUM". Also created a better clean up function to make sure /tmp doesn't get full if tilda or X crashes.

Posted by Tristan Sloughter 2005-03-16

Tilda .04

Added one important feature. Multiple terminals at once. tilda -T N, where N is the number of the terminal running is now used to move terminals up and down. ie if you have two tildas running tilda -T 0 and tilda -T 1 will bring them up and down. Use commas in the key binding entry box of the wizard to seperate keys, like F1, F2, F3 and so on.

Posted by Tristan Sloughter 2005-02-10

Tilda-0.03 released

Tilda .03 has been released and has major enhancements and bug fixes from the previous version. My favorite is that devilspie is no longer needed!

Posted by Tristan Sloughter 2005-01-12

Tilda-0.2 released

Check out the released files for tilda-0.2. It has many feature enhancements and bug fixed. Let me know how it works out.

Posted by Tristan Sloughter 2005-01-05

Tilda 0.01.5 Released

Tilda 0.01.5 has now been released and can be found under Files. Its a very simple release, not much changed. The configuration wizard is there but not fully functional and all the name references have been changed to tilda from tilde/qterm.

Posted by Tristan Sloughter 2004-12-18


Check out the screenshots of Tilda and the configuration wizard by clicking screenshots above or just go here http://sourceforge.net/project/screenshots.php?group_id=126081.

Posted by Tristan Sloughter 2004-12-12

Tilda-0.01 Uploaded

Tilda-0.01 is in source form for download, you'll also need to install the VTE library. Check out the CVS to use the configuration wizard. See the screenshots to see what Tilda and the Wizard look like.

Posted by Tristan Sloughter 2004-12-12

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