#130 Galaxia : graph doesn't show up in tiki-g-admin_graph.php


the graph doen't show up in tiki-g-admin_graph.php
cause to wrong build path.
construct the img path which points to an absolute file
path. I change that to 'lib/Galaxia/processes' and it
works again.

patch attached.



  • Peter Niederlag

    Peter Niederlag - 2004-04-03

    diff output

  • Philippe Cloutier

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    Hi, I don't use Galaxia, could you mention the versions
    affected by this bug?
    Thanks for sending this patch anyway, hopefully someone else
    can review it.

  • Philippe Cloutier

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    • milestone: 316038 -->
    • summary: Galaxia/tiki-g-admin-graph.php --> Galaxia : graph doesn't show up in tiki-g-admin_graph.php
  • Peter Niederlag

    Peter Niederlag - 2004-04-04

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    It's the latest version from HEAD(CVS):
    $Header: /cvsroot/tikiwiki/tiki/tiki-g-admin_graph.php,v 1.3
    2004/02/14 23:48:29 halon Exp $

    after some further investigation & using of tikiwiki/Galaxia
    it seems like the problem should probably be adressed in a
    better way by manually defining the GALAXIA_LIBRARY Constant
    cause then it wouldn't contain the whole absolute path as
    returned by 'dirname(__FILE__)';

    // Directory containing the Galaxia library, e.g. lib/Galaxia
    if (!defined('GALAXIA_LIBRARY')) {
    define('GALAXIA_LIBRARY', dirname(__FILE__));
    define('GALAXIA_PROCESSES', GALAXIA_LIBRARY . '/processes');

  • Anonymous - 2004-04-05

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    The constant GALAXIA_PROCESSES should be set in
    /lib/Galaxia/config.php, together with all the other Galaxia
    constants. This makes sure the library remains free of
    hardcoded paths.
    That's also the place where you should define the path to
    the Graphviz dot program. There's only one pitfall for the
    Windows guys out there: make sure there are NO spaces your
    paths. Graphviz doesn't like'em. That's no spaces for the
    path to the Graphviz programs and no spaces in the tiki
    installation dir... Unless your looking for trouble ;-)

  • Anonymous - 2004-04-05

    Logged In: YES

    hmm, i probable wasn't clear on that last one... sorry for
    that. The only reasen why the graph isn't going to get
    generated is when there are spaces in some path on a windows
    system. I already comitted something like you patch some
    time ago, but it got reverted, for good reason. This should
    probably be mensioned in the docs somewhere...

    time is always against us...

  • bcairns

    bcairns - 2005-07-19

    Logged In: YES

    Halon, the problem is not spaces in the path, the problem is
    that GALAXIA_PROCESSES refers to a server-absolute path, for
    example, on my Linux box this path is

    This absolute server address is useless to a user's web
    browser, it needs it specified relative to the webserver,
    like '/lib/Galaxia/processes'.

    Perhaps a new constant is needed, for web-relative paths.
    In the absence of that, a hard coded path will have to do.

    Why is this still broken in the 1.9 distro?


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