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Happy Birthday ThumbView!

Today, December 2nd, is exactly 1 year after ThumbView's first public release! I am so proud on how it has spread!

To commemorate I have updated the website. The whole site is now XHTML 1.1 and CSS 2.0 valid. Also, it uses a RSS feed from SourceForge to enable this news system (integrated with Magpie,\).

No real work has been done to ThumbView itself, but I’m juggling several ideas on where to take it from now. But I did create three C# samples on how to use ThumbView with a .NET application to generate thumbnails!... read more

Posted by John-Philip Leonard Johansson 2005-12-01

Donations goal reached for year 1!

For some time I've been asking for donations to buy a account. Well, the sum has been collected!! I'll be creating a ASAP!

The rest of the money, which isn't much, will be added to next year's fee, since takes 79USD -per year-. Also, the "success" of the account will determine if I keep it for more years.

Any leftover money will go towards buying computer books to yours truly, which will motivate me to write more open source programs; but with quality code. *cough*... read more

Posted by John-Philip Leonard Johansson 2005-10-18

Dissed by Tucows

OK got a rejection letter form Tucows, for both ThumbView and ThumbView Lite.

It seems that each app must have at least 25 points to be accepted. And I think they rate from 0 to 3, or 0 to 5, heck it could even be 0 to 10 (although not likely). How DARE they complain about my documentation when they're worse? :P

Both emails start like this:
"Dear author,

Thank you for submitting your software for distribution on Unfortunately, we are unable to accept your
program at this time.... read more

Posted by John-Philip Leonard Johansson 2005-04-25

It's (still) alive!

Hello and welcome to ThumbView's first news post! These might not be very frequent because, well... this ain't a newspaper =P

First of I'm incredibly happy that donations have started dropping in! We're already halfway to get a account so that ThumbView gets a bit more spotlight.

Second, ThumbView has been chosen to appear in the German computer magazine COMPUTERBILD. Which apperently is the largest computer magazine in Europe with its 4 million readers! *gasp*
Link: read more

Posted by John-Philip Leonard Johansson 2005-04-18