Full installation

1) Open a Terminal and type the following:
2) sudo apt-get install apache2 php5 php5-sqlite rrdtool
3) Copy the downloaded app files to a directory of your choice on apache
4) Create a user named ical or minder
5) Create a directory inside the home of the ical/minder user, named ultimo_agente
6) Change the permissions of the user created to Super User
7) Copy all the others files to ultimo_agente directory and once inside, create a new directory called machines
8) If you are installing the full central application, you should execute the serverFront.py file , passing the IP as an argument
9) If you are installing the collector application, you should run the agente5.py file, and insert the configuration parameters.

Configuration Parameters

1° Parameter = Value 1 to turn on or 0 to turn off.
2° Parameter = Time between iterations.
3° Parameter = Total of iterations.
4° Parameter = Total of collections.
5° Parameter = Time between collections.
6° Parameter = IP of the central application.
7° Parameter = The limit of neutrality.
8° Parameter = The importance of the recent data.


Running in the Background

1) After the installation, press Crtl + z

2) Edite the crontab ( crontab -e )

3) Create a rule on crontab, to execute the ini.py file, in some interval.

4) Save the modification.

5) Go to /tmp and find the log's file, read them!

6) If you detect something wrong, contact us, we will be happy to help.

PS: I would appreciate if you send me any modifications made to the source code

Last edit: Vinicius Domingues Alvarenga 2012-09-14