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One Developer

Now this project have one developer
If you want help to me.
Please, write me.

Posted by Kirill Panuzin 2004-06-21

Sources are now avaliable through CVS!

We started to use CVS!
I hope it will be comfort to
develope tfcontrol for all developers.

Posted by Alexandr Gorlov 2003-10-14

Now we begin to testing! ;-)

In last release was so much bugs...
We decided to test TFC and catch all
bugs before we add more ;-)
I hope, next version will be more stable.

Posted by Alexandr Gorlov 2003-09-30

MEGA Release 0.3b1

Now with web-interface, full functional version of Traffic Control!
Added some documentation (read README and INSTALL),
special thanks for that to Michael Miller!

Posted by Alexandr Gorlov 2003-09-29

Project site opened!

Welcome to our new site!
There are some info abou tfcontol, and about its developers! :-)

Posted by Alexandr Gorlov 2003-09-25

Hello, World!

Our project started!
I hopve it will be interest for you.
Tomorow I planing to send beta version of server side, with CLI interface to manage users. In time of two or three weks we will post version with web interface.

New developers are wellcome!

Posted by Alexandr Gorlov 2003-09-22