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Version 1.4 released

This is a bug-fix release, resolving issues submitted by the TextCite user community. The following bugs have been resolved:

The splash screen no longer impedes loading of the application on Java 1.6. Better adaptation to larger system font sizes. You can now make the font size larger for all elements in TextCite without distorting table or tree displays. No longer hangs on exporting to PDF / RTF. Ctrl-N no longer erases your citebook, but creates a new citation instead. Now properly displays line breaks in the Citation Display panel. Tested to run properly on Macintosh, Windows and Linux, under JavaSE 1.6

Posted by Erik Norvelle 2009-09-13

1.3 version released

* Major reworking of the PDF export engine to make it handle exporting various combinations of a citation's main text, translation or commentary, as well as supporting exporting of citations with their translation in footnotes.
* Fixed issue with RTF export that made it impossible to export bibliographic reference codes in multiple formats.
* Fix to a bug that occasionally caused Citebook corruption when changing author and publication names
* Various other bug fixes.

Posted by Erik Norvelle 2008-05-05

Source code moved to Subversion

TextCite has moved its source code repository from CVS to Subversion. No updates will be made to the CVS repository from now on; all code changes from version 1.2 and on will only appear in the Subversion repository.

Posted by Erik Norvelle 2008-03-22

1.2 release now available

Official 1.2 release. Adds the following features to version 1.1:

* French language support - thanks to Daniel Durand for the translation
* Ability to change main interface font, in addition to setting the citation display font.
* Added feature for sorting correctly on Page Reference column
* Fixes to HelpViewer language settings
* Additions to allow batch add/removal of categories from Citations, as well as moving Citations between categories.
* Added Preference Pane to change how citations are shown for subcategories
* Fix to problem with "CiteBook corruption" when citebooks are saved to directories that are too deep.
* Improvements to Table View, allowing for alternating colors or grid-style, in addition to standard "no-decorations" style.
* Additions for allowing use of HTML text styling in Citation text and translation, as well as exporting of these styles to PDF and HTML.

Posted by Erik Norvelle 2008-03-09

1.0.3 release adds new features

This is a minor feature-add release. Adds accelerator keys for main menu actions, a popup menu to add formatting tags to the citation text fields, and the option to have a CiteBook automatically load upon program startup.

Posted by Erik Norvelle 2008-01-26

Bug fix release 1.0.2 now available

Release 1.0.2 fixes a bug that produced deletion of citations after renaming a parent publication or author. Also adds improved logging support.

Posted by Erik Norvelle 2007-10-11

Bug fix release 1.0.1 now available

The 1.0.1 release fixes an issue with disappearance of sibling categories upon deleting a category from the CiteBook. Also adds help menu items for going directly to support forums and posting bug reports, plus adds a Groovy console for real-time debugging.

Posted by Erik Norvelle 2007-10-03

1.0 version released

The 1.0 version of TextCite has finally been released! The new version includes full help files in English and Spanish, a centralized preferences panel, automatic backups, adjustment of display fonts, update checking, automatic file versioning and upgrade, and lots of bug fixes.

Posted by Erik Norvelle 2007-09-03

Windows installer now available

The Windows installer was created with the NSIS installer system. It installs the TextCite jar, an uninstaller, and a shortcut that starts TextCite with smoothed fonts (using Windows ClearType)

Posted by Erik Norvelle 2007-08-24

Prerelease packages for 1.0

Pre-1.0 packages are now available. A new Windows installer package has been added, and a sample data file in the new format is available. The 1.0-pre1 TextCite program includes a Spanish-language help file; the 1.0 release version will also include an English help file.

Posted by Erik Norvelle 2007-08-22

Coming soon, Version 1.0!

The first stable release of TextCite, version 1.0, will be available in late August or early September of 2007. Beta 6 currently supports all of the features which will be included in the stable version; currently only bugfixes are being included prior to the 1.0 release.

Posted by Erik Norvelle 2007-08-16

Beta 6 released -- Support for multiple citation styles

New preferences dialog allows users to adjust how TextCite works. Adaptations to the OS X platform, in particular using the OS X Application menu for the About, Quit and Preferences menu items. Addition of multiple citation reference formats: Citation, EndNote, LaTeX, RefWorks, MLA, Chicago, Custom.

Posted by Erik Norvelle 2007-08-15

Beta 5 released -- improved interface and copy/paste options

The Beta 5 release fixes numerous small bugs, provides a better author/publication navigator (now in a tree view, rather than two separate panes), and adds a host of copy/paste options, including the option to paste to LaTeX format.

Posted by Erik Norvelle 2007-02-09

Beta 4 Released -- Adds outlines, export to Word (RTF)

Beta 4 adds a number of capabilities:
+ Outlines can now be associated with publications, and individual citations can be assigned to a particular location in the outline.
+ Export to RTF has been added, with the ability to place either comments or cited text in footnotes, and to organize the exported documents by author/pub, or by outline order.
+ The user can now right-click on the table view and copy text or comment to the system clipboard.
+ Bug fixes

Posted by Erik Norvelle 2006-10-29

Beta 3 release... now with PDF export

Added PDF export, better filtering, preview pane, splash screen.

Posted by Erik Norvelle 2006-10-16

Beta 1 Release ... fully functional editor/organizer

This beta release contains all basic functionality, import/export functionality. It suffices to enter, edit and organize your textual citations. Future versions will add export and import functionality, in order to work with popular bibliographic software and word processors.

Posted by Erik Norvelle 2006-10-09

Alpha 2 release... basic functionality present

The new alpha 2 release is able to save/load files, edit citations, categorize them, and perform filtering by category, author, book and/or textual content.

Posted by Erik Norvelle 2006-10-06

First binary release

The 0.1 alpha version has been uploaded as an executable jar file.

Posted by Erik Norvelle 2006-10-05

First CVS upload

The source code has been uploaded for the first time. The data model is basically done, work is ongoing on the GUI.

Posted by Erik Norvelle 2006-09-29