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File Date Author Commit
 design 2016-12-11 Tim Hoffmann Tim Hoffmann [7e2972] proposal for new splashscreen and application icon
 iconTemplates 2016-02-18 Tim Hoffmann Tim Hoffmann [419913] image for stackexchange community promotion ad
 sampleFilesForScreenshots 2012-07-07 t_hoffmann t_hoffmann [295684] sample tex files used for the screenshots
 webpage 2017-03-04 benibela benibela [8ad69f] web page links
 .hgtags 2013-08-28 convert-repo convert-repo [bfdd4e] update tags 2015-09-10 <> <> [b38aca] angepasst 2015-09-10 <> <> [b38aca] angepasst 2014-06-20 benibela benibela [7400e4] update update to 2.8.0 2017-02-15 Tim Hoffmann Tim Hoffmann [e71433] check that the source tarball is created based ...
 development.pdf 2015-07-07 benibela benibela [91eee2] fix geometric formula, remove reference to sour...
 development.tex 2013-05-26 benibela benibela [3ea782] comment, dev...tex
 example.tex 2012-10-24 t_hoffmann t_hoffmann [e91d9c] more renaming texmaker(x) -> texstudio (require...
 frenchdic.qph 2009-11-25 benibela benibela [8293c8] translations + version number
 grammarCheckTestFile.tex 2013-06-16 benibela benibela [c9d463] update jar searching to the file names of the n... 2014-06-20 benibela benibela [c64d94] handle missing os/2 or usb version 2013-08-18 t_hoffmann t_hoffmann [369b8b] add small python script to conveniently resolve... 2016-05-29 Tim Hoffmann Tim Hoffmann [1627ae] update webpage for 2.11.0 2012-12-06 benibela benibela [f03f5e] get rid of ssh key password question on bug fix...
 testscript.tex 2009-10-30 benibela benibela [4ad2e3] applied patch/added new ?c:ame placeholder for ...
 texstudio.iss 2017-01-31 Tim Hoffmann Tim Hoffmann [6f0742] add Ukranian translation
 texstudio_osx_installer_background.png 2014-09-17 Tim Hoffmann Tim Hoffmann [a3560d] OS X installer background
 texstudio_osx_installer_background.svg 2014-09-17 Tim Hoffmann Tim Hoffmann [a3560d] OS X installer background

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