#630 fine tuning 'go back to link' in internal pdf viewer.


Whenever I click a hyperlink in the internal pdf viewer, I always try to go back to the original position by pressing Alt + leftarrow.

Most of the time, it goes back to the same page of the original position, but not the exact position where I triggers the hyperlink. Rarely, it goes to wrong page.

I am wondering if you plan to enhance this feature so that it can go back the exact position by pressing Alt + leftarrow.

Thanks a lot.


  • Tim Hoffmann

    Tim Hoffmann - 2014-01-08

    The pdf history only saves the page number not the position. Therefore it won't go back to the exact position.

    Can you be more precise on the "wrong page"? Is it really far off or is it an adjacent page of the page with the link, which may have been visible when you clicked the link (you can check for the current page number)?

    So far, there are no plans to work on this part. Maybe later. I consider it a reasonable improvement, but no high priority.

  • sungmin817

    sungmin817 - 2014-01-09

    Ok I see.
    I experienced several times that TXS went to the wrong page(not the same page of the link) when I triggered alt + left arrow.
    But I cannot reproduce it right now.

    If I succeed to reproduce it with a minimal snippet, I will post a new bug report.


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