As a TeXnicCenter-User you may file bug reports and feature request here. To get support, please visit our Support Page.

Have an issue to report to the TeXnicCenter team? Please review these six tips on how to post a support item successfully and usefull for us.

Six simple tips for submitting a successful support item.

1. Submit your own report: Please submit one report for each issue you encounter. Do not append your issue to existing reports.

2. A word about security: Reports are publicly visible - everyone can see the details you are submitting. You should never include passwords, postal mailing addresses, telephone numbers, confirmation numbers for account registration, or anything else which should not be seen by everyone.

3. Is this a known issue?: Before submitting any issue, please check it this is already a known issue. If you would like to report a bug, please search the bug list before. If you would like to send us a feature request, please be sure, that this one is not already listed in the related list. If you find your item there and its status is set to closed, you should check, if you have the newest version of TeXnicCenter.

4. Login first: If you would like to have the possibility to get informed via e-mail, what happens to your report, you have to login first. Otherwise your report will be anonymous and you will have to check manually for updates to the report.

5. One issue, one report: One report must be submitted for EACH issue. If you have multiple issues to report, do so by submitting MULTIPLE reports.

6. Detailed information: Especially when reporting bugs, we need the information as detailed as possible. What kind of bug is it (crash, misspelling, hang)? What did you do, before the bug occured? Is the bug reproducable? Occurs the bug only when working with special files? If this is the case it would be help, to also provide that files. If the bug was a crash, it may be a big help for us, to attach dumps, like they are generated by tools like Dr. Watson.

Not sure what to put in the fields?: Please choose an item from the 'category' field to let us know, if this is a feature request or an error report. Select the TeXnicCenter version, you are currently using from the 'group' field. Fill in the summary line with a basic overview of your issue. Include a detailed English-language description of your issue, in the 'Detailed description' field. If you are not logged in, please include your e-mail address in the body of the description text, as well. All other fields may be left empty - we will set them for you, once your issue has been received. Please do not set the assignment field on your report; we will assign your issue to an appropriate member of the TeXnicCenter team.

What will happen to my issue after it is submitted?: The members of the TeXnicCenter team are checking the list regulary for new items. Dependend on the item, we will add the issue to the official bug or feature list - those lists are our base for the further development. If necessary we will contact the user who has posted the report to get more detailed information. In any case we will append a comment to the report that describes what has been happened with the information. If you would like to get informed, what happened to your report, you have to login before sending the report.


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