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TerraIncognita™ help

TerraIncognita™ is software which is designed to simplify working with various map sources and possibly to convert maps between them. Preferred map sources are various web map servers, but program can open also maps stored on local media. Big advantage is simplified switching between maps with preserving current position and map resolution. Panning on map is done by drag and move mouse, zooming is done by left or right click on the map.

Status panel shows selected resolution of map and current position in GPS coordinates. There are also shown various notification and information messages.

Menu contains basic items: for saving maps and file operations, selection map source, selection map resolution and creating selected area on map.

Map sources are grouped by their origin, for example all maps from the same web server are grouped into one submenu. If maps contains layers those are selected by checking particular menu item.

Save map to file is possible only if some part of map is selected. Selection mode can be activated from menu and after selection is done it must be deactivated.

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