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termula2x 0.3.0 "su" released

termula2x 0.3.0 "su" has been released. this release has a new transparent floating on-screen keyboard.

gp2x f-200 users had better use "termula2x-f-200.gpu" because the button map and on-screen keyboard layout is specially designed for f-200. on-screen keyboard is split into pages and it has bigger buttons to be able to "touch" easily. gp2x f-100 users had better use termula2x-f-100.gpu which has smaller buttons in only one keyboard page.... read more

Posted by canavar 2008-08-03

termula2x 0.2.0 "ayar" released

GP2X button remapping feature is added in this first release of the 0.2 branch.

Posted by canavar 2008-05-31

termula2x 0.1.3 "bordo" released

this release features improved usb keyboard support and better handling of key repeats.

Posted by canavar 2008-05-24

termula2x 0.1.2 yesil released

this is a bugfix release. 0.1.1 users are strongly encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible.

Posted by canavar 2008-05-20

termula2x 0.1.1 "mavi" released

* added hide/show virtual keyboard option.

to show virtual keyboard set vkeyboard=true or set vkeyboard=false to hide it.

Posted by canavar 2008-02-24

termula2x 0.1.0 "ergenekon" released

* termula2x now supports GP2X F-200 touchscreen for virtual keyboard.
* added 4x6 font support.
* added switch keys feature.
* added configurable usb keyboard values when shift key is pressed.
* RSHIFT now works as shift key as expected.

Posted by canavar 2008-02-18