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Template2Code / News: Recent posts

From SVN to Mercurial

I have decided to switch from SVN to Mercurial distributed source control system (http://mercurial.selenic.com/). From now on, the SVN repository for Template2Code is no longer maintained.

Distributed version control systems like Mercurial, Git and so on are often much more flexible than SVN and usually provide more convenient ways to manage the sources. I would not get into a lengthy description here, there are plenty of articles on this topic today. For example, see http://www.infoq.com/articles/dvcs-guide... read more

Posted by Eugene A. Shatokhin 2010-07-18

T2C, MeeGo on x86, Debian 5 on ARM and more

As an experiment, I built and tested T2C 2.0 "Arnor" on two more platforms a couple of days ago:

  • MeeGo (http://meego.com/) for netbooks v.1.0 (x86);
  • Debian GNU/Linux v.5 "lenny" (http://www.debian.org) on a QEMU-emulated ARM machine (Armel, to be more exact).

I was really glad to see T2C built and worked just fine on both these systems.

As a part of the testing stage, T2C was used to generate the source code and the makefiles for all the tests developed by my colleagues at ISPRAS (http://www.ispras.ru/en/) and by myself for the Linux Foundation (http://www.linuxfoundation.org/). ... read more

Posted by Eugene A. Shatokhin 2010-07-13

MiST Engine 1.0.1

MiST Engine 1.0.1 has been released. This is a minor enhancement release. The only substantial change (compared to 1.0.0) is that MiST Engine can now be built using CMake build system (http://www.cmake.org/) - both on Linux and on Windows.

This allows, for example, to build MiST Engine on Windows without MSYS, only with MinGW, which can be convenient.

But probably the most important thing about using CMake in this project is that CMake-based build system that I have created here is much easier to debug and otherwise maintain than the Autotools-based one. The latter is still supported but I will perhaps drop the support for it in some future version. May be in the next minor version, may be later.... read more

Posted by Eugene A. Shatokhin 2010-05-28

A Non-trivial Example Using MiST Engine

In addition to the relatively simple examples in MiST Engine manual, I have now prepared a more meaningful one, "mist_gen".


"mist_gen" example uses MiST Engine to generate different types of documents from the same data but different templates. The data is the information about some imaginary C functions: names, types of the arguments, etc.... read more

Posted by Eugene A. Shatokhin 2010-04-30

Project web page

I have finally found some time to prepare the main page for the project web site. Here it is:


It may look quite primitive now but still it provides all necessary links for the users.

Posted by Eugene A. Shatokhin 2010-02-07

MiST Engine 1.0.0 final

MiST Engine 1.0.0 final has been released

Most important changes in this version (compared to beta 2):
MiST Engine manual is now available (at last!).
A couple more fixes in handling of incorrect input data and in error reporting.

See ChangeLog file in the package for the detailed information about the changes in this version.

The following MiST Engine distribution packages are now available:
Source distribution - mist_engine-1.0.0_final.tar.bz2
Pre-built distribution for Win32 platform - mist_engine-1.0.0_final-win32.7z... read more

Posted by Eugene A. Shatokhin 2010-02-01

T2C Reference Manual online

T2C Reference Manual is now also available online:

Project web site is still on my TODO list, though, along with the MiST Engine manual in DocBook format. I hope I'll have time for it soon.

Posted by Eugene A. Shatokhin 2010-01-19

T2C 2.0.0 (Arnor) final

T2C 2.0.0 "Arnor" (final) has been released

The T2C distribution package as well as other related files can be downloaded from "Files" area of this project (https://sourceforge.net/projects/template2code/files/t2c/t2c-2.0_Arnor/)

Most important changes in this version:
Enhancements and fixes related to handling of conditional constructs in the templates (support for choosing a branch depending on whether a parameter or a subtemplate has at least one non-empty value, etc.).
Several fixes in handling of incorrect input data and in error reporting.
* T2C documentation was revisited: a lot of useful information was added including T2C Reference, many corrections and additions were made to other parts of the documentation.... read more

Posted by Eugene A. Shatokhin 2010-01-17

MiST Engine 1.0.0 beta 2

MiST Engine 1.0.0 beta 2 has been released.

Note that although it is formally "beta", the engine itself should be stable. It is still beta only because MiST documentation is not provided yet. It is a work in progress to assemble and "polish" the documentation from several sources including T2C documentation, man page for "mist_engine" command line tool, comments in the public headers of MiST library describing the public API, etc.... read more

Posted by Eugene A. Shatokhin 2010-01-17

MiST Engine 1.0.0 beta 1

MiST Engine 1.0.0 beta 1 is now available.
MiST (Minimal String Template) Engine provides a library (C API) and a command line tool for generation of data based on special templates.
The core parts of this engine are used in T2C ("Template-to-Code") system for template based generation of test sources and other files in test suites.
However, T2C and MiST Engine can be used independent on each other.
MiST Engine works on Linux and Windows (with MSYS) operating systems. See README and man page for details.

Posted by Eugene A. Shatokhin 2009-12-14

T2C 2.0.0 (Arnor) beta 1

T2C 2.0.0 "Arnor" beta 1 is now available for download.

The first version of "Getting Started" tutorial is now prepared and distributed as a separate package (t2c-doc-2.0.0-1.tar.bz2). Still there are several parts in the tutorial that are yet to be written (along with the Reference). I hope to do this in the next versions.

Anyway, the current version of the tutorial should be enough to use T2C effectively. ... read more

Posted by Eugene A. Shatokhin 2009-11-25

T2C 2.0.0 alpha 7

T2C 2.0.0 alpha 7 is now available for download.
This is a maintenance release. See ChangeLog for the detailed information about the problems fixed in this version, other improvements made, etc.

T2C is on the way to beta 1 - as soon as I prepare the first versions of "Getting Started" tutorial and T2C Reference. This may take some time though.

Posted by Eugene A. Shatokhin 2009-11-21