#544 Whitespace handling in Guidelines examples


This ticket arises out action on a now-closed Feature Request:


The Nelson and Baxter bibliographical items in this example:


are purposely encoded with no extraneous whitespace, in accordance with arguments by John McCaskey and others that whitespace in elements such as <bibl> is significant and should not be discarded by a processor. However, the Guidelines rendering code automatically pretty-prints them in indented format, adding whitespace where there shouldn't be any. We should decide whether this is important or not; if it is, then rendering of such elements in examples should be tweaked so that the original whitespace content is exactly preserved.


  • Martin Holmes

    Martin Holmes - 2013-04-11

    From Providence meeting: Action on HC and SR to test the use of @xml:space to solve this specific problem, and to see whether that’s the correct solution in the long term.

  • Martin Holmes

    Martin Holmes - 2013-04-11
    • assigned_to: Hugh A. Cayless
  • Sebastian Rahtz

    Sebastian Rahtz - 2013-04-20
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Sebastian Rahtz

    Sebastian Rahtz - 2013-04-20

    this task got done in Providence, viz supporting @xml:space='preserve' on <exemplum>, which provided the control needed.


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