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Stable release 1.4.0

This initiates a new stable release branch. It includes all the features and fixes from 1.3.x-unstable serires, particularly "password capture" logging, Unix sockets support, preforking daemon mode.

Posted by Rémi Denis-Courmont 2004-06-28

FreeBSD port back

The official FreeBSD port for tcpreen has been updated (to latest public release 1.3.4) and should now build properly on FreeBSD 5.x.

FreeBSD users are advised to update their ports directory and build tcpreen from there!

Thanks to Sergei Kolobov and Kirill Ponomarew for their help!

Posted by Rémi Denis-Courmont 2003-06-24

Windows and Solaris support (1.3.4)

Development release 1.3.4 should now run correctly on Microsoft Winows (with Winsock 2.2).

It includes a large rewrite of the program core, initiated with release 1.3.1, so that it is now possible to use other protocols (Unix sockets are supported as an example).
Signal handling is now included, so it is easy and safe to terminate the program even when it runs in the background.

Every one is encouraged to upgrade!

Posted by Rémi Denis-Courmont 2003-05-13

Stable release 1.2.0

This initiates a new stable release branch. It includes all the features and fixes from 1.1.x-unstable serires, particularly "daemon mode" and support for data logs in multi-process mode.

Posted by Rémi Denis-Courmont 2003-01-26

Hexadecimal log format DoS vuln fixed

A major bug in the hexadecimal log files format has been fixed in version 1.0.4 [update: use release 1.2.4 now]. Every one is URGED to update its installation.

That bug could lead to unwanted termination of the tcpreen process, causing an effective denial of service.

Posted by Rémi Denis-Courmont 2002-09-15

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