#111 plural management on the tcpdump output


When we cut a capture from the command line we can receive this summary output:
0 packets captured
1 packets received by filter
0 packets dropped by kernel
Here we can see that there is a mistake on the sentence (1 packets instead of 1 packet)


  • cr4ckn cr4ckn

    cr4ckn cr4ckn - 2011-03-03

    the little patch to correct tcpdump.c about plural output error

  • cr4ckn cr4ckn

    cr4ckn cr4ckn - 2011-03-03
    • priority: 5 --> 1
  • Guy Harris

    Guy Harris - 2011-03-08

    I've checked into the trunk and the 4.1 branch changes based on the patch (not printing a NUL character with %c, but printing an empty string with %s instead), and also fixed another packet-count message; I also defined a macro to return either "s" or "" and used that in tcpdump.c and also in some places where it was being done by hand.

  • Guy Harris

    Guy Harris - 2011-03-08
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Denis Ovsienko

    Denis Ovsienko - 2013-11-06

    Administrators of the "tcpdump" SourceForge project have superseded this tracker item (formerly artifact 3199012, now patch 111) with issue 270 of the "tcpdump" GitHub project.