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#5233 InitSubsystems multiple thread issue

current: 8.5.14
Don Porter

The mutex arrangement in TclInitSubsystems() seems
to suffer from a significant flaw. Consider two threads,
A and B, calling the routine concurrently. Thread A gets
the lock first, sets subsystemsInitialized to 1 and starts
calling the set of subsystem initializing routines.

Meanwhile thread B makes the initial test
(subsystemsInitialized == 0) and since thread A
has already set it to 1, thread B jumps straight
to the bottom of TIS() and calls TclInitNotifier().

The trouble is when B calls TclInitNotifier(), we
have no idea how much of Tcl library initialization
is actually done. We just know it got started.


  • Don Porter

    Don Porter - 2013-04-26

    Branch bug-3611974 committed:

    Revisions to the multi-thread arrangments of TclInitSubsystems().
    With these changes, the caller of TclInitSubsystems() can be sure that
    at some point after the TIS() call is begun and before it returned, the Tcl
    library became fully initialized. Without these revisions, that cannot be
    guaranteed, TIS() can return with Tcl library initialization having never
    been finished.

    Even with these revisions, the caller cannot be sure the library remains
    initialized. Any thread might call Tcl_Finalize() at any time. That's a
    deeper problem which this patch does not attempt to address.

  • Jan Nijtmans

    Jan Nijtmans - 2013-04-28

    Two remarks:
    - Tcl_Finalize could be handled as well by using 4 states in stead of 3:
    - If Tcl_CreateInterp wouldn't call TclInitSubsystems(), but in stead
    the application was required to call TclInitSubsystems() first, this
    problem wouldn't exist at all. But that's food for Tcl 9.

    Further on, I agree with this change. It doesn't really solve
    the problem, but a panic is better than leaving the system
    in an undefined state. I'll have a further look.

  • Don Porter

    Don Porter - 2013-04-29

    Of course, once we make Tcl_InitSubsystems() a public
    routine that any extension might call at any time (buggy
    as that might be), the problem will come right back.

    The 4 state makes no functional difference that I can see,
    but I agree it feels a bit more polished that way. I'll
    commit that change to the branch.

    Thanks for looking it over.

    Working through this got me started
    thinking about ways to do this better, but
    as you say, that's a novem project. Will
    keep that in other branches and tickets.