#3849 Fail to build and test thread on Win32/MSVC

obsolete: 8.5b2

Problems in the makefile.vc and test files prevent the thread package from being successfully built on Win32 using MSVC6 or MSVC8.

(1) The link flag -nodefaultlib:msvcrt has been added in the case of non-static builds (which must link against MSVCRT). This was probably added in error because Thread failed to link against a Tcl DLL which was compiled with different library flags (-MT instead of -MD). This flag must be removed.

(2) tests/all.tcl doesn't correctly load the Thread DLL (specified via -loadfile by the makefile.vc), so tests can't run at all.

(3) tests/thread.test attempts to resolve $::tcl_PatchLevel on non-unix platforms (note capatalisation error: should be $::tcl_patchLevel).

The attached patch fixes all these errors and bumps the package version to 2.6.6 (in configure.in and pkg.vc). The maintainer will need to reconfigure.


  • Twylite

    Twylite - 2007-11-20

    Patch to Thread to fix build and test problems

  • Twylite

    Twylite - 2007-11-20

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: YES

    On this patch is applied the following bugs/patches can also be closed:

    [ 1716587 ] Thread tests can't run (bad args from makefile)
    [ 1689375 ] Update VC makefile for Threads (Fix for bug 1643367)
    [ 1643367 ] Thread extension cannot compile with VC8

  • Pat Thoyts

    Pat Thoyts - 2009-05-04

    Update the msvc build files for the more recent versions that support the newer compilers and platforms. All tests pass ok on 32 and 64 bit versions.

  • Pat Thoyts

    Pat Thoyts - 2009-05-04
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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