#1484 Build Problem

obsolete: 8.3.3


I am trying to build TCL/TK for an Itanium Windows 64
box using the Intel cross compiler.

I have no problem(s) building TCL 8.3.3, everything
goes through fine.

However, when I try to build TK 8.3.3. I get two
define erros in tkWinWm.c.

It seams that GCL_HICONSM and GCL_HICON are not
defined anywhere in the TCL or the TK source. So I
asume that I am missing an include somewhere. I see
that they are defined in /Program Files/Microsoft
Platform SDK/Include/WinUser.h so I made sure that
this director was first in my include path, however
nothing utalizes WinUser.h.

Where are these variables suppose to get defined? What
am I missing?

If I manually define them both in tkWinWm.c I can
complete the compile without a problem. However, I
have to be missing something.

Please help!


Troy Heber



  • Andreas Kupries

    Andreas Kupries - 2001-07-31
    • labels: 105651 --> 53. Configuration and Build Tools
    • assigned_to: nobody --> mdejong
  • Mo DeJong

    Mo DeJong - 2001-08-10
    • status: open --> closed-invalid
  • Mo DeJong

    Mo DeJong - 2001-08-10

    Logged In: YES

    That variable does seem to be defined in
    winuser.h for both VC++ and mingw.

    winuser.h:#define GCL_HICONSM (-34)

    This winuser.h header is included by <windows.h>
    in VC++ 6.0. I assume this must be a problem
    with the .h include files in your cross
    compiler. Take a look at your <windows.h>
    header to see what is in there. You might also
    want to see if the WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN does
    anything. Since this works just fine in the
    existing env I am closing this bug report.
    You might need to do some hacking to get this
    IA64 port working, good luck.


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