Ning Sun - 2015-07-13

tboot installation on ubuntu 15.04 in EFI BIOS mode

  1. Enable EFI booting mode in BIOS setup menu, enable VT-x, VT-d, TPM ,TXT in BIOS setup menu, save and exit
  2. Install Ubuntu 15.04
  3. Boot to Ubuntu, run sudo passwd to setup root password
  4. su
  5. apt-get update
  6. apt-get install trousers (this is only required for tpm 1.2)
  7. apt-get install tpm-tools (this is only required for tpm 1.2)
  8. apt-get install trousers-dbg (this is only required for tpm 1.2)
  9. apt-get install mercurial
  10. hg clone tboot-code
  11. cd tboot-code/tboot
  12. make install
  13. cd ../utils
  14. make install
  15. copy your platform SINIT.bin to /boot
  16. grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg
  17. reboot
  18. select tboot from grub boot menu
  19. login as root
  20. run txt-stat, after booting into ubuntu
Last edit: Ning Sun 2016-04-23