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hi, the last version sends a window to background when I click on its title bar with middle mouse button. but it's not possible to disable this feature via config form, because I use middle button click shortcut in another app and taekwindow just overrides it, so please make this configurable.


  • Thomas ten Cate

    Thomas ten Cate - 2008-06-21

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    Ah, hadn't thought that this would be a problem. But I'm trying my best to make Taekwindow play nice with other programs, so I'll definitely look into this. Out of interest, what other app are you referring to?

  • Thomas ten Cate

    Thomas ten Cate - 2008-06-21
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  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    hi, I assigned middle button to VirtuaWin, but maybe I will change my mind :)
    btw where you store settings? I mean registry or some ini file windows directory? I think you could make portable version because such nice little apps are very handy :)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I also needed to disable the middle-click functionality -- not because it's bad, per se, just because I also run virtuawin, and want the other functions (in addition to the "force to background") that I can get from the middle-click menu. You can work around the problem by adding a DWORD entry into the TaekWindow section of the registry (should be HKCU/Software/Taekwindow) with an impossibly high "button" number (eg, 99), and restarting Taekwindow.

    As a matter of interest, I would like the "push to background" feature if I could, for instance, add a modifier key to it (say, shift-middle-click). That would be well neat!

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    I've placed a request for something similar in the past. For the moment, here's a workaround which I picked up from perusing the Taekwindow source:

    Add the DWORD key
    (if it doesn't exist)
    and set the value to "5"
    The buttons specified in the registry seem to be as follows:
    0: left-click
    1: middle-click
    2: right-click
    I assume that mice with more buttons will have meaningful button values > 3, but I only have 3 buttons (and windows doesn't see scrolling as a button event, unlike X-Windows)

  • Thomas ten Cate

    Thomas ten Cate - 2009-02-07
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  • Thomas ten Cate

    Thomas ten Cate - 2009-12-23
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  • Thomas ten Cate

    Thomas ten Cate - 2009-12-23

    Added an option (enabled by default) in version 0.3, to be released soon.


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