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Tacos 4.1.0 released

It's a pleasure for us to announce the release of Tacos 4.1.0
(http://tacos.sourceforge.net/tacos4.1/) - the first stable tacos
release supporting Tapestry 4.1.x and offering:
* Dojo Widget - Generic component for (almost) all dojo widgets.
* script.aculo.us - brand new components based on script.aculo.us
* Comet component
* New Annotations - allow you to inject ILinks and easily check if
component parameters are bound.
* New binding prefixes - including 'template' that makes string
related ognl expressions easier, and 'absoluteAsset' which works like
the asset binding but makes sure that the created url is absolute.
* BeanForm - All-in-one, flexible bean editor BeanForm has become a
major part of Tacos. This update offers complete compatibility with
Tapestry 4.1.2.
* Tapdoc - though not yet properly released from within tacos, it
offers a maven plugin for component reference generation.... read more

Posted by Andreas Andreou 2007-09-06

tacos 4.0.1 released

Tacos 4.0.1 was released a few hours ago.

It's mainly a stability release fixing 2 subtle bugs and
enhancing the ajax encoder (for very pretty and short ajax urls).

Make sure to also check out the previously undocumented but powerful
ajax-enabled Table component.

Thanks to all that contributed...

* Docs for tacos:Table component.
* Load external js synchronously. Fixes Bug127.
* AjaxSubmit posts all the AjaxLinkSubmits before it. Fixes Bug130.
* Do not clear current document after error (a failed ajax-post).
* Jdk1.4 compatible class format for maven generated artifacts.
* Add StringToListConverter. Allows updateComponents parameter to be specified as a comma-delimited String.
* Add uniqueNames parameter in AjaxForm - forces the html name of each input control to stem from the component's idPath (instead of the component's id).
* Support validators and translator in HtmlArea. Fixes Bug128.
* Make buttons in tacos:Palette work. Fixes Bug129.
* Remove hardcoded class attribute from tacos:Table.
* Easier way for defining ajax exception and stale-session pages.
* Enhance AjaxDirectServiceEncoder for ever prettier ajax urls.
* Corrected links to tapestry's component docs.... read more

Posted by Andreas Andreou 2006-10-30

tacos4-beta-2 released

Come and get it! More bug fixes, and more importantly the API has been upgraded to be compatible with tapestry 4.0.1.

Posted by Jesse Kuhnert 2006-04-09

tacos4-beta-1 Released

We hope this represents a very bug-free and stable version of tacos. Dojo 0.2.2 comes pre-built with the library which has also had a number of enhancements made to it. Enjoy :)

- tacos team

Posted by Jesse Kuhnert 2006-02-04

Tacos alpha-3 Released

The latest tacos release most notably provides a lot more stability in the area of tapestry form support and dynamic page/javascript contribution processing.

Also, lots of fixes have been made to the ajax support within the Tree component, as well as tiny bug-fixes to the rest of the demo/framework.

Go check it out!

Posted by Jesse Kuhnert 2005-09-12

Prototype integration completed

The prototype integration efforts with tapestry are now complete! Please help the effort by downloading the latest release and trying it out :)

Posted by Jesse Kuhnert 2005-08-28