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TACO released

Fixes some compile errors with gcc (version >= 4.2)

Posted by Jens Krueger 2008-04-30

TACO 3.96.1 released

This is a minor release which fixes some bugs
occured on BSD systems.
The mySQL part of the database server stores some
helpful informations about the usage of the device

Posted by Jens Krueger 2006-11-03

TACO 3.96.0 released

The first beta version of TACO 4 (3.96.0) is released. It contains a new database backend using
SQLite3 and support to access the TANGO device drivers and allow TANGO to access to TACO devices.

Posted by Jens Krueger 2006-10-17

TACO 3.0.25 released

Add the option '-d' to start all device servers as daemon
for Unix like systems.

Posted by Jens Krueger 2006-08-03

TACO 3.0.24 released

Some fixes due to the use of GCC 4.1.X.

Posted by Jens Krueger 2006-07-05

Taco 3.0.23 released

This is a maintenance version. It fixes some problems with the import of some other devices in a server and getting the command informations if the command list is empty.

The logging informations of manager, database and message server are improved. The database server logs all transactions on the database.

Posted by Jens Krueger 2006-04-18

win32 version updated

The Windows port for Visual Studio 6 has been updated based on the latest code in cvs. The binary package is downloadable as zip file.

Posted by Andy Gotz 2006-04-03

cvs tarball available

To help external users I have made a copy of the current cvs repository available as a tarball.

Posted by Andy Gotz 2006-04-03

TACO 3.0.22 released

Fixes a bug in the mySQL part of database server
Solves some problems with a multi nethost environment

Posted by Jens Krueger 2005-12-23

TACO 3.0.21 released

Fixes a bug: If no NETHOST variable was set and the client uses more than one nethost in the multinethost environment it crashes if the devices was connected in a special order (//host1/dev1, //host2/dev2, //host1/dev3, ...).

Posted by Jens Krueger 2005-10-21

TACO 3.0.20 released

This release fixes some bugs in the MySQL part of the database
server. Added a 'taco.status' script to check the status of the
Manager, dbm_server, and MessageServer.

Posted by Jens Krueger 2005-07-19

TACO 3.0.19 released

* Maintainance release:
- Fixes some bugs ocuring if the device server provides different classes with different class name.
- Suppress building of the db_dump tool if GDBM support is disabled

Posted by Jens Krueger 2005-07-05

TACO 3.0.18 released

This release is a backport of the current development trunk.
It adds some new features in configuration like enable full qualified host names. Additional some bugs in relation with long device and
resource names are fixed.

Posted by Jens Krueger 2005-06-28

TACO 3.0.17 released

2005-05-02 13:00 jkrueger1:
* lib/dev_api.c: Bugfix: close of not initialized TCP socket
variable exits Python if an imported device is deleted (freed)

Posted by Jens Krueger 2005-05-02

TACO 3.0.16 released

2005-04-26 10:00 jkrueger1:
* m4/python.m4: Bugfix: detection of libpython failes due to the
cached values of the detection result.

Posted by Jens Krueger 2005-04-26

TACO 3.0.14 released

* Fix some problems with the detection of the Python development environment

* improve the detection of the TACO libraries for projects using

Posted by Jens Krueger 2005-04-21

TACO 3.0.13 released

Maintainance version:
Fix some problems with MessageServer use,
Improve the command line options and display

Posted by Jens Krueger 2005-04-11

TACO 3.0.12 released

Fix some problems in the autoconf macro taco.m4 for the determination of the right libraries for client and server. This is useful for developer of own clients and

Posted by Jens Krueger 2005-03-31

TACO 3.0.11 released

This maintainance release fixes some timing problems during the startup of the manager itself.

Posted by Jens Krueger 2005-03-15

TACO 3.0.10 released

* Fix problems with reconnecting the client to restarted device
* Improve the detection of the 'signal' function
* Use 'device_server' as the main entrance function for all servers, written in C, C++ or Python
* Improve the Python framework for writting TACO servers
* Add documentation in the Python TACO server framework

Posted by Jens Krueger 2005-02-25

TACO 3.0.9 released

This is a maintain release.
It fixes some problems occured if the client tries to reconnect to a stopped and restarted server.

Posted by Jens Krueger 2005-02-22

TACO 3.0.7 released

Build the 'greta_ndbm' tool for access to the database.

Posted by Jens Krueger 2004-11-05

3.0.6 released

- set TCP as default protocol for the clients
- new startup scripts for Linux systems (SuSE, debian)
- improvements in configuration task
- substitute 'gets' by 'fgets' calls
- bug fixes in 'GetCommandList' and 'GetEventList'

Posted by Jens Krueger 2004-10-26

TACO 3.0.5 released

This is a maintainance release which fixes some non
C standard conformant files.

Posted by Jens Krueger 2004-09-14

TACO 3.0.4 released

Fixes some problems with configuration tests
and improves the testing of the built system

Posted by Jens Krueger 2004-09-10