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2.1.16 (Codex)

This version should fix some of the random crashes during a search.
Linux build is pending, same for CVS, the server rejects me.

Posted by Michiel Hendriks 2003-05-06

2.1.15 (Spiked) release

Minor update, fixed InfoFind support.
InfoFind now also supports min and max file size queries.
Also size information is displayed with infofind.

Posted by Michiel Hendriks 2002-12-18

2.0.14 (Tron) Final

This is the first non-beta release of TAC2. All planned features have been
implemented, and as far as I know there are not serious bugs in this release.
Next up is version 2.1.x. If you have any feature requests then email them to

Users of the University of Twente can also download this release from \\el-muerte\tac

Posted by Michiel Hendriks 2002-05-26

Beta 13

Because of the many changes and the complete new query parse unit, I decided to
release another beta before the final release. This time no Linux build since I
can't get Kylix to work, it broken somewhere.
This update fixes some user authentication issues with Windows 2000.

Posted by Michiel Hendriks 2002-05-06

Beta 12 (Flynn)

There was not much to do in this release, not many new bugs and no new features needed. So this might be the final beta, again ? yes again...
A final release wil be out soon

Posted by Michiel Hendriks 2002-03-21

Beta 11

Beta 11 released.
Linux version is fixed now, so you can use it completely. Also a few other updates.

The CVS tree isn't up2date since I have porblems with connecting to the CVS with SSH :(

Posted by Michiel Hendriks 2002-02-20

Added some documentation

I've added some documentation to the home page

Posted by Michiel Hendriks 2002-02-03

Beta 10

Maybe final, maybe not.
Few fixes few additions.. anyway.. if you find a bug let me know asap.

Posted by Michiel Hendriks 2002-02-01

Beta 9

Beta 9 is out. A lot of bug fixes and improvements
For people at UTwente: you can also download it from \\el-muerte\tac which is usualy faster

Posted by Michiel Hendriks 2002-01-24

Beta 8

'nuf said

Posted by Michiel Hendriks 2002-01-22

Swing support

I've started on the Swing support. Since the developers of the swing search engine do not plan to open source their protocol, I will not provide the source code of the swing unit, since this until contains information about the swing protocol. I will however provide the compiled unit for download, so you can still follow the cvs.

Posted by Michiel Hendriks 2002-01-22

Beta 7 - Linux and Windows

Beta 7 is out. Both a windows and linux installer are available for download. For the linux installer, just execute it (chmod +x first ofcourse). You need to have Qt 2.x installed on you linux machine before you can use the linux build.

Posted by Michiel Hendriks 2002-01-15

Windows Beta 6 (final)

Beta 6 of the windows builds is out. I'm going to considder this beta release the final beta release of windows. I'm now going to focus on the linux builds. When the I reach the final linux beta build I'm going to release TAC2 as stable.

Posted by Michiel Hendriks 2002-01-04

Beta 4 (final beta ?)

Beta 4 is out, most likely this will be the final beta. From now on I will accept feature requests.

Posted by Michiel Hendriks 2001-12-28

Beta 3

Well.. beta 3 it is...

Posted by Michiel Hendriks 2001-12-23

Beta 2 released

Windows beta 2 can be downloaded. And the corresponding source code is also available in a nice and handy zip file.

Posted by Michiel Hendriks 2001-12-18

Beta 1 released

The drag and drop and copy feature now work for the windows client, so I promoted TAC2 to beta stage.

Posted by Michiel Hendriks 2001-11-21

Images needed

I need some nice and cool images/icons for TAC
most important is the main application icon and the tray icon.
So if your are any good, contact El Muerte

Posted by Michiel Hendriks 2001-11-20

Windows Alpha 4

the Windows Alpha 4 release of TAC is out

Posted by Michiel Hendriks 2001-11-14

CVS ready (I hope)

Posted by Michiel Hendriks 2001-11-09

Don't use CVS

The CVS tree is very broken, don't download it. I'm going to fix it asap.

Posted by Michiel Hendriks 2001-11-09

Windows Alpha 3 released

Check the files page for downloads

Posted by Michiel Hendriks 2001-11-06

SF.net page

ok.. SF.net project page is here... soon some stuff on it

Posted by Michiel Hendriks 2001-11-05

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