So far everything is working, it's connected and drawing which is very cool but I have a problem with sensitivity. When the pen is hovering it is actually drawing, it doesn't wait to touch the pen to the wacom surface before it draws so while I am positioning the pen I am getting lines :( I notice in the testing area that when it is hovering it is in button 1 mode and pressure goes right to 18. Is this a problem with my configuration or could it possible be a problem with the pen itself? This of course is also having an effect on being able to click as right now to click on something I have to have the pen in midair and get it within range to register a click. I am certainly not going to be able to get accustomed to air clicking so I'd love to find a work around here. :)

Thanks for all your hard work! And if I can get this to work correctly I look forward to making a donation.