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1.5.48 fixes a serious bug

Mark E. Stahl reported a bug that caused loss of cell contents when the cell was narrowed. 1.5.48 fixes this problem. Minor improvements since 1.5.38 include support for overwrite-mode and a bug fix for Japanese input with quail input method.

Posted by Takaaki Ota 2001-08-19

LaTeX completes while table recognition flies

v1.5.24 completes LaTeX source generation however with some reconciliation.

Table recognition has been too slow. It is now super fast so that having (add-hook 'text-mode-hook 'table-recognize) will no longer bother you.

Posted by Takaaki Ota 2001-02-06

TEI support added

;; Sebastian Rahtz <>
;; contributed by implementing TEI (Text Encoding Initiative XML/SGML
;; DTD) table source generation into `table-generate-source' group
;; functions.

Posted by Takaaki Ota 2001-02-01

CALS support added

Support added for generating XML source compliant with the OASIS Exchange subset of the CALS table model (used in DocBook and in some other DTDs)

Posted by Takaaki Ota 2001-01-24

LaTeX source generation is coming

Currently I am working on LaTeX source generation. At the next release, hopefully, a new command `table-generate-source' will replace the current `table-generate-html'. This commnad asks user in which language the source to be generated. There will be html and LaTeX in the choices.

Posted by Takaaki Ota 2000-11-20

Grand Opening

I am glad now I don't have to post a huge article of table code on newsgroup anymore. This is the home for the Table package.

Posted by Takaaki Ota 2000-11-15

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