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Romanian and Dutch Translations added

Mitza and Marcel have submitted a Romanian and a Dutch Translation for The Address Book Reloaded.


Posted by katzlbt 2008-09-18

French Translation Added

Michel C. generously contributed the French translation of TABR 3.3

Merci !

Download (UTF-8 encoding) and place into lib/languages to activate:

Posted by katzlbt 2008-04-30

HELP WANTED: Translations

TABR 3.3 is fairly stable now and 95% of the strings should be contained in de.lang.php

Please help with translation!!

1. Download:

2. Use any UTF-8 Editor (e.g. jEdit) and replace the German text with your language.

3. Submit the file as feature request or email it to my sourceforge email (see my profile: katzlbt).... read more

Posted by katzlbt 2008-02-20

TABR 3.3 Released

The new TABR 3.3 is done. I have skipped a few minor versions to 3.3 without big notice since many features have been added since the last release.

I have skipped the BETA stage this time since the TABR had very few DB changes. Still consider that any application here might have bugs and comes without warranty.

I hope TABR serves you well.

I am sorry to say that the DEMO on SF will be frozen until SF supports PHP5.

Posted by katzlbt 2008-01-06

New Release Planned

A new release of TABR is planned before Christmas it will include MANY new features. Ajax expand, XSLT stylesheet contacts, contact types and individual fully customizable LIST display. It will include the JS frameworks: Lytebox, Prototype, Scriptaculous. TABR is then fully embeddable into new web applications as user and account manager.

Posted by katzlbt 2007-10-06

TABR joins GoPHP5

Future releases of TABR will be only PHP5 compatible.

PHP 4 has served the web developer community for seven years now, and served it well. However, it also shows its age. Most of PHP 4's shortcomings have been addressed by PHP 5, released three years ago, but the transition from PHP 4 to PHP 5 has been slow for a number of reasons. This project will drop PHP4 and support only PHP5.

Posted by katzlbt 2007-07-25

3.0.5 stable

As some have noticed the final stable version of The address Book Reloaded 3.0.5 has arrived a two weeks ago. I hope it serves you well. Look at the DEMO:

Recent messages suggest that the PDF output breaks with the newest Adobe Reader 8. Any help in finding the reason why this is the case is appreciated.

Posted by katzlbt 2007-05-07

Release Candidate 3.0.5

Finally the release candidate is ready. If there are no major bugs reported, I will release this version during the next week.

Posted by katzlbt 2007-04-03

3.0.5 beta 422

The 3.0.5 release is now finished as beta. If we discover no major bugs (and have no ideas to improve the application) this will become the release candidate.

This release offers major style improvements with border box models and rouded corners. Group acronyms, tel: and fax: URIs, VoIP and SIP dialling support. Dates and date ranges (events) for each contact.

Unfortunately all these additional ideas that go into the application keep delaying the release candidate for quite some time now. ... read more

Posted by katzlbt 2007-03-17

3.0.5 Release

The 3.0.5 release is about finished but needs more testing. Ecpect it as download in mid March 2007.

It will offer major style improvements with border box models and rouded corners. Group acronyms, tel: and fax: URIs, VoIP and SIP dialling support. Dates and date ranges (events) for each contact.

Unfortunately all these additional ideas that go into the application keep delaying the release candidate for quite some time now.... read more

Posted by katzlbt 2007-03-01

3.0.4 Release Delays

The Address Book Reloaded 3.0.4 is getting closer to being a stable release. Unfortunately we added duplicate email checks that broke the installer. V346 was retracted until we can fix it. But I expect the release candidate to be out end of February.

Factory objects to allow replacing classes should make it into the release too, so that almost no change of existing code is needed to make big changes on the system.... read more

Posted by katzlbt 2007-02-05

3.0.4 Beta Released

The Address Book Reloaded 3.0.4 is getting closer to being a stable release. Soon we will start releaseing release candidates. The new DB structure seems to be a success and gzm0's OO design performs well.

Try the DEMO of the most recent repository version at our homepage:

Please make sure to file bug reports.

3.0 will only be translated to English, but has

Posted by katzlbt 2007-01-11

TAB 3.0 Beta Release

The long awaited 3.0 release is here in beta-state. We hope you like it. The demo is at
Please give us feedback about bugs and your personal ideas.

Posted by Tobias 2006-10-31

2.01 Maintenance Release

A few fixes needed to be made to the old 2.0 version before the new beta will arrive in a few weeks from now:

Change user type fixed. Edit own record impossible fixed. Redirect bug on register if guestlogin disabled fixed.

Posted by katzlbt 2006-10-09

Version 3.0 Beta Timeline

gzm0 has started a total redesign of the application with a fully object oriented CSS based design. The efforts are well on their way and should result in a beta in the next weeks, probably end of October.

The goal is to make the application so flexible that including new changes is a piece of cake :-)
99% of all changes should be possible by adding a plugin.

Styles will be supported by rewriting the standard stylesheet. Plugins can add to the database and the goal is to make TAB embeddable into other web applications.... read more

Posted by katzlbt 2006-09-29

The Address Book 2.0

Since there are no bug reports RC9 is now the official
Release 2.0. This version is the same as you can try out
on the homepage.

MySQL 4.1 - 5 (4.0 with hacking - see help forum)
PHP 4 and 5

Improvements on the plugin system were made, if you want to write plugins (especially plugins that require DB extenstions and output on address cards), please try a newer version.

Disable recently changed: look at the config.php file!... read more

Posted by katzlbt 2006-08-29

2.0 Release Candidate 9

This appears to be the last release candidate which most likely will be Release 2.0. Most reported bugs have been fixed. If everything works out, Release 2.0 will be out in 1-2 weeks.

Posted by katzlbt 2006-08-25

2.0 Release Candidate 8 - SECURITY

A security flaw was identified, that will be fixed in RC8, which will be released tomorrow.

Posted by katzlbt 2006-08-09

2.0 Release Candidate 5

Mainly this release responds to issues raised in the forums and to a great AJAX autocomplete contribution which should not wait for the next release. Thanks to
Thanks for all contributions!

Posted by katzlbt 2006-08-07

2.0 Release Candidate 4

We are inching closer to the 2.0 release. We have applied several bug fixes and try (really hard) to hold back on major improvements until 2.0 :-) If no new show stoppers are discovered 2.0 will go out in 2 weeks.

Posted by katzlbt 2006-08-07

2.0 Release Candidate 2

Incompatibilities raised by demo install on sourceforge have been fixed.

Posted by katzlbt 2006-07-17

DEMO sessions activated

On a multi server environment sessions have to be stored in the filesystem. This configuration change has been applied. Now users can log in reliably with demo/demo. Please do not change the password of the demo account, or I will disable demo login permanently.

Posted by katzlbt 2006-07-17

DEMO available

The demo is available at the homepage of this project. REMARK: The session is not reliable on SF servers; that means you get 'logged out/denied' often (keep reloading the page and you will be logged in again - strange). It may be a load problem of the SF servers. U/PW: demo/demo

Posted by katzlbt 2006-07-15

2.0 Release Candidate 1

I have uploaded the release candidate 1. It runs 24/7 on our Intranet. I hope it prooves useful and is stable.

Posted by katzlbt 2006-07-14

SVN Activated

I have checked in the first stable version (Revision 1) that runs on our Intranet.
Later revisions will may be development revisions.

svn co -r 1 TheAdrressBookReloaded

Have fun!

Posted by katzlbt 2006-07-12

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