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System Configurator 2.0.7 Released

System Configurator 2.0.7 has been released. This is an enhancement release, and includes support for cciss and ida devices.

Also, starting from systemconfigurator 2.0.6 release, Grub is fully supported for RedHat.

System Configurator is a utility for automatically configuring networking and bootstrapping in a Linux Distribution and Architecture agnostic way.

Posted by Anonymous 2003-04-23

System Configurator 2.0.4 released

System Configurator 2.0.4 has been released. This is a minor feature enhancement that also fixes time zone support. System Configurator is a utility for automatically configuring networking and bootstrapping in a Linux Distribution and Architecture agnostic way.

For more info check the release notes at

Posted by Sean Dague 2003-01-10

System Configurator 2.0.2 Released

System Configurator 2.0.2 has been released. It contains a number of enhancements from the 1.x stream, including:
* Time Zone Configuration
SC now takes a [TIME] stanza, which can be used to set time zone
information on the client during installation. This means a
single image can be used in multiple time zones and be
configured correctly. (man systemconfig.conf for more info)
* User Exits
A new [USEREXIT\d] stanza was added. This allows administrators
to specify an arbitrary number of user exits to be run after
SC finishes configuration. (man systemconfig.conf for syntax)
* Native Tools for Ramdisk Generation
SC now uses native tools (mkinitrd or mk_initrd) for ramdisk
configuration, instead of its own home brew solution. This
means that ramdisks should look and work just as if they were
created by the native distribution. Red Hat, SuSE, Debian,
and Mandrake are known to work with the new method.
* iSeries support
Support has been added for the IBM iSeries (64bit PPC) Platform.
iSeries images can now be installed if using a CVS release of
SystemImager and SystemInstaller. Official support from the
rest of SIS will be coming shortly.
* Grub support
I'm now convinced we have grub working correctly in nearly all
cases. Bootdev other than (hd0) is now supported, as are
labels on disk devices. This code has been tested with Red
Hat 7.2 and 7.3.
* Better option parsing
The configuration parsing routines are now far cleaner and order
is now more deterministic. The following order of precedence
+ Command line options (other than configsi and configall)
override all other sources.
+ User specified config file (with --cfgfile option)
+ Standard in (with --stdin option)
+ Global config file (/etc/systemconfig/systemconfig.conf)
+ Command line options configsi and configall
Hence --configsi on the command line will turn on --confighw,
--confignet, and --runboot. Adding "confighw = no" to
/etc/systemconfig/systemconfig.conf with turn of the --confighw
option.... read more

Posted by Sean Dague 2002-10-23

System Configurator 1.20 released

This release of System Configurator provides a fully updated PCI table so that more hardware is supported. It also adds the support for setting VGA flags in lilo, and makes the tests run cleaner.

Posted by Sean Dague 2002-03-18

System Configurator v0.86 released

System Configurator v0.86 has been released. This version is a bug fix on v0.85 which includes fixes for Grub bootloader support. Coinciding with this release is the commit of the System Configurator support to SystemImager.

Posted by Sean Dague 2001-08-15

System Configurator v0.3.1 released

Moya + 1 (SC 0.3.1) has been released. There were many issues with the 0.3.0 package that went up to sourceforge. 0.3.1 is what Moya should have been, plus a few new features, including DNS setup.

Posted by Sean Dague 2001-07-08

System Configurator 0.3.0 (Moya) Released

System Configurator v0.3.0 (Moya) has been released. It includes support for Lilo, Grub, and Yaboot bootloaders via an abstraction layer, as well as other minor bug fixes.

Posted by Sean Dague 2001-07-02

System Configurator v0.2.0 released

System Configurator v0.2.0 (code name Zhaan), has
been released. Hardware detection of PCI nics and
scsi devices is now supported.

Posted by Sean Dague 2001-05-16

System Configurator v0.1.0 released

System Configurator is a project which attempts to be an automated system
setup utility for Linux.

It smooths over differences between Linux distributions and hardware platforms
by providing a unified API to set up networking, hardware, and bootstrapping.

Currently only the networking API exists. Hardware and bootstrapping are
coming in the near future. System Configurator is heavily developed by a
crack team of ring tailed lemurs. Any issues should be directed to their feeder
at read more

Posted by Sean Dague 2001-04-30

Home Page Launched

The System Configurator homepage ( ) has been launched. This site contains the project goals, as well as the beginnings of the Linux Distribution Database. Please check us out.

Posted by Sean Dague 2001-04-16

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