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Syntax Desktop 2.5.1 released

Added the missing files from the latest release.
Fixed the setup process.

Posted by dynamick 2008-04-28

Syntax Desktop 2.5 released

Syntax Desktop today has released his 2.5 version. There's a lot of enhancements.
Syntax Desktop is a flexible open source CMS.
Try it on your web hosting!

Posted by dynamick 2008-04-23

Syntax Desktop 2.3 was released!

Many new enhancements, a stable version is now public.

Posted by dynamick 2005-04-25

2.2.1 released!

In this release it was fixed some bugs introduced in the previous version. It was enable the support of 4.0 and 4.1 mysql version.

Posted by dynamick 2005-03-21

Syntax Desktop 2.2 released!

The new version is now available for download. Try it!

Posted by dynamick 2005-03-09

Version 2.1 released!

The new version include a new demo site with a usefull information for using syntax desktop 2.

Posted by dynamick 2004-12-30

Version 1.3.1 Released!

Ehnanced the tree data structure. Now users may be enabled to manage only single branches of a data tree structures.
Small changes in the interface design were made and few bugs fixed.

Posted by dynamick 2004-10-27

New SyntaxDesktop release!

I publish the new SyntaxDesktop release. There's a lot of changes. The main new features is the multilanguage interface, now in English too. Visit and take a look!

Posted by dynamick 2004-10-19

Versione 1.2 Released

This release contains many bug fixes. The interface and the menu dropdown are now changed.

Posted by dynamick 2004-09-09

Version 1.1 Released!

Today I release the 1.1 release of Syntax Desktop. It includes some fixed and much more crossbrowsing capabilities. I hope you apreciate this changes!

Posted by dynamick 2004-05-26

Freshmeat and Hotscripts!

Syntax is in the and website. Great!

Posted by dynamick 2004-05-05

Project to SourceForge!

Now Syntax Desktop is on SourceForge! The project is entire in Italian, so I'm sorry with the other language people. I'm working for the translations! Thanks, Michele

Posted by dynamick 2004-04-27